ZenMate VPN For Kodi – is it good?

Mark Neri
By Mark Neri Last update on October 31, 2018
ZenMate VPN For Kodi – is it good?

ZenMate VPN For Kodi – Full Review

Based in Germany, ZenMate is a VPN service that offers a solid connection and four different geographical locations. The premium membership, on the other hand, allows connection to 30+ server locations and can be used to stream content on Kodi at blazing speeds. In case you love to watch TV shows and live channels, then the chances are that you are already a fan of Kodi. While Kodi hosts some highly entertaining content for people of all ages, it carries certain geographical restrictions with regard to streaming. But worry not, as these restrictions can be bypassed by the use of a VPN such as ZenMate.

In this article, we aim to provide a comprehensive yet concise review of the ZenMate Kodi VPN to our readers.

Should you use ZenMate for Kodi?

A good Kodi VPN must be efficient in terms of speed, safety, and a number of other factors that are explained below:

  • Safety and Privacy

In terms of safety and privacy, ZenMate may not be the most suitable VPN service. While it is stated that it follows strict privacy laws as set by the German government and has no log storage policy, there is evidence that it does actually log some user data.

Moreover, the Kodi ZenMate VPN does not provide a choice to choose between encryption protocols. Although, it uses the AES 256-bit encryption which is considered quite secure in itself.

  • Download speed

The download and streaming speed of ZenMate is quite low as compared to the other VPNs out there. The highest download speed and the lowest ping is achieved on the Russian server, which is unprotected. Whereas, the lowest download speeds are experienced on the US server.

  • Server location and numbers

On the free service, ZenMate features four server locations which include Hong Kong, US, UK, and Romania (although this server is not recommended due to protection problems). On the other hand, the premium service offers access to 30 locations with the highest concentration in the European region.

  • User interface + compatibility

In terms of the ease of use, ZenMate VPN can be rated quite high. It offers a very well-organized user interface, with self-explanatory icons, while the user interface is quite nifty by itself, adding some colors will make it look more attractive. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS (later than 10.10), Android, and IOS.

Kodi with ZenMate – does it keep logs?

Logs include information of the user data and activity. Storage of logs suggests that all your internet activity is recorded. This means that a user is susceptible to experience legal actions if investigated. While Zenmate VPN Kodi does state that it follows a no-log storage policy, this is not exactly true. Experiments have revealed that it keeps a record of the IP addresses used at the time of sign-up for almost a week. Hence, it is obvious that it does store logs of customer information apart from what is required for billing.

Since Kodi contains a lot of pirated content that which users have access to, the Zenmate VPN Kodi is not the best service in terms of security.

ZenMate Kodi important features

ZenMate offers browser extensions that show up as a shield icon on the taskbar. On clicking this shield icon, you can view your location of the connection. While there is no option for split tunneling, it does include a VPN bypass list to prevent some specific applications from getting encrypted.

Based on tests, Zenmate supports video streaming services such as Kodi and Netflix (although it appears as a pixelated screen) with a noticeable drop in the connection speed. Atop that, it also supports torrents although the download speed is not very appreciable. On a downside, there is no kill-switch and double VPN feature. Having no kill-switch could actually affect your security in case you momentarily lose your VPN connection. All in all, ZenMate has a merely satisfactory performance on Kodi in terms of speed while it does not qualify as a secure Kodi VPN.

ZenMate Kodi Servers

ZenMate offers four major server locations that include the US, UK, Russia, and Hong Kong. Among these, the Russian and the US server has a comparatively stable performance on Kodi with Zenmate. However, do note that while the Russian server offers the fastest downloading speed, it is unprotected. At the same time, the US server is protected, but it has the slowest downloading speed among the four.

The premium version, on the other hand, allows access to 30 locations in the world. However, most of these locations have a heavy concentration in Europe. In terms of the number of servers, ZenMate is quite a decent VPN service. However, the downloading speeds are rather sub-par.

Kodi with ZenMate – prices and plans

As far as the pricing plans go, ZenMate offers three plans:

Monthly Plan

$ 8.99

6 Months Plan

$ 44.99

$7.5 p/m

Yearly Plan

$ 59.99

$4.99 p/m

All of these packages allow unlimited usage of data, with 5 simultaneous device connections at a time.

So, should you use ZenMate for Kodi?

Overall, ZenMate has a pretty satisfactory Kodi performance, especially on the Russian and US servers. However, the VPN does have a few downsides. For instance, it keeps logs of customer data stored for at least a week after registration. Moreover, there is no choice for protocols. Nevertheless, the security level is still quite solid and satisfactory. Atop that, the server connections are quite stable by themselves as a result of which there is no need for a kill-switch feature. Furthermore, the service is quite reasonably priced allowing you to save a lot on the yearly package. All in all, ZenMate does have all the basic features required to be a suitable VPN for Kodi.

In order to find out more about VPNs and their use, feel free to refer to the other sections of our website.

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