WindScribe VPN Review 2018

Is Windscribe VPN efficient enough and worth your money? Find out more in this Windscribe VPN review below

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By Mark Neri Last update on October 31, 2018
WindScribe VPN Review 2018

What is WindScribe?

Windscribe is a VPN service that provides a great amount of value for its price. This VPN service is based in Canada, and it offers two different packages to its customers. The first package is the free VPN plan while the other package is a premium/paid plan. However, the free plan comes with some limitations. For instance, the free plan allows you to use only as much as 10 GB of data per month. On the other hand, there is no data cap for the paid plan. Moreover, the paid plan provides a firewall protection along with access to 500 connection servers all over the world.

Since this VPN service has access servers spread throughout the globe, subscribers can use it no matter where they are located. Windscribe VPN has support on a number of different platforms such as Windows, IOS, Android, Linux, Television, and Mac OS, including a desktop extension for the Chrome browser.

WindScribe Features


Windscribe VPN has servers located in about 52 countries. Although, there is no connection point in China. The free plan limits your locations to 11, whereas the paid plan provides 50+ server locations, it has a data cap of 10 GB per month, whereas there is no data usage limit for the premium plan. Windscribe paid plan allows unlimited device connections. Windscribe VPN is supported on a number of software platforms that includes Television, Windows, Android, IOS, Linux, and Mac OS. Recently, a Google Chrome browser extension was also made available.

Is WindScribe safe? Privacy & Encryption

The Windscribe VPN makes use of the IKEv2, SOCKS5, and OpenVPN that happens to be the best protocols available. It is quite surprising that by default, it makes use of the IKEv2 protocol even though the OpenVPN protocol happens to be a standard in the industry.

Delving a little into the techier aspects, it makes use of the AES-256 cipher encryption for the desktop utilities whereas the AES_123_GCM encryption is used for browser extensions. This suggests that the security level of this VPN service is extremely high! One of the best things about this VPN service is that it does not store logs such as IP timestamps, the websites visited, and the connection logs. Hence, you can be sure that there is no shady business going behind the curtains. Consequently, all your browsing data remains completely secure and protected. However, it does hold some records that which every other VPN service would. These include details such as the amount of bandwidth that is used and timestamps of the last activity.


Windscribe offers an exemplary smart and sleek interface that every beginner can get hold of really quick. Both the desktop and phone/tablet applications are simple to use, with a single-button connectivity option. Below the connect button, there is a list of all the locations that you can use. The Android application features prompt action buttons for the preferred location and VPN on/off. It also features a firewall protection on paid plans. This button exists right at the center of the locations list and the on/off tab.

Evidently, the interface quite easy to use. You may enter the advanced settings if you wish simply by clicking on the three horizontal bars on the upper right corner of the application. The Windscribe applications for all the other platforms including IOS, Linux, Windows, and MAC OS, work pretty much in the same way with a similar interface.


According to several WindScribe reviews from customers, the service performs really well. As compared to a number of other VPNs, Windscribe provides much faster browsing speeds which makes it the perfect VPN for HD streaming.

However, like every other VPN on the market, it does slow the speed down a little bit. Nevertheless, the speed still remains quite high and satisfactory to carry out most of the tasks that require heavy data usage in a very smooth way.

Moreover, there seems to be no indication of DNS leaks while using this VPN. Hence, the performance of Windscribe VPN actually puts it in the list of the best VPNs out there.

Ease of use

Since the utilities and applications for Windows, IOS, Android, Mac, and Linux happen to be very simple in design with an interactive interface, the Windscribe free VPN is quite easy to use.

All the platform applications have very simple command tabs and buttons that are clearly labeled for the action that they are meant to do. The main screen simply offers a list of countries to choose from, a firewall on/off button, and a VPN on/off button. Hence, the design of applications is quite intuitive and easy to use. On top of that, Windscribe download is easy to implement.

Customer support

While there is no phone support available, there are options to contact the customer support via email or live chats. In case of queries, there also happens to be an option to submit a ticket. After which, the team will simply contact you via email. As far as the responsiveness of the customer support goes, they are always very quick and willing to help. This is surprising since most of the customer support that exist only via email happens to be very slow. On the website, a chat application called Garry is also available which is quite efficient and responsive.

WindScribe Prices and Packages

In general, Windscribe offers two VPN subscription packages. Although, special deals are usually available around holiday seasons.

The first subscription package is the free package that requires no subscription charges. However, this package has its limitations set to 11 locations and a maximum of 10 GB worth of data to be used in a month. In order to utilize more features than what the free plan provides, a paid membership will have to be obtained. The second subscription package is the paid package which is further divided into the following three categories:

Monthly Plan

$ 9

This plan costs $9 per month and provides access to all premium features including 50+ locations, unlimited data, and firewall option.

Yearly Plan

$ 49

This plan bills a total of $49 every year, which is equivalent to $4.08 per month. It provides access to all premium features.

Biennial Plan

$ 20

This plan bills $89 every two years, which is equivalent to $3.70 per month. It provides access to all premium features along with a free 6 months premium subscription of the Dashlane password manager which itself is worth $20.

All in all, the Windscribe VPN seems to have a wonderful performance as compared to others in the market. On top of that, it provides a high speed although one might experience a noticeable drop in the actual internet speed. Nevertheless, considering the high amount of privacy and security that Windscribe offers along with an intuitive interface, this VPN service is top of the line.

Pros and Cons


  • Fast speed
  • 10 GB of data on free plan
  • Firewall option on a paid plan
  • Cheap service
  • Unlimited connections on a paid plan
  • The high amount of server locations


  • Software usually has to be restarted to work
  • Slight glitches in the phone/tablet application
  • Customer support via Email/Chat only
  • Killswitch does not exist

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