VyprVPN Review 2018

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By Richie Pound Last update on October 31, 2018
VyprVPN Review 2018

VyprVPN Review

VyprVPN is a Switzerland-based VPN provider founded in 2010 by the Golden Frog Company. It’s a large-sized vendor with hundreds of servers in different geographical points. Founded to provide secure connections to Internet users, the American-owned company stores its own hardware and software.

Compared to companies that lease software and hardware, The Company is less vulnerable to data leaks through third-party companies. But there is more as you will find out in our VyprVPN review below.

US-owned and Switzerland based, boast of a vast number of servers and top-notch action-packed features.

VyprVPN’s location was chosen deliberately. Switzerland fiercely protects companies’ rights to data privacy. The country is also not a member of the EU and does not comply with the 5 Eyes or 14 Eyes’ alliance—countries that cooperate to survey and share users’ data.

VyprVPN Features

  • Specs

The company owns more than 700 servers located in 70+ countries. You can unlock thousands of sites with such a high number of servers and different geographical points. Supporting up to five devices simultaneously, you can share the VPN’s services with your home and office devices alike. It doesn’t matter what operating Software you own either.

The Swiss virtual network supports Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS. You can also stream TV shows securely using the VyprVPN app for TV. Other apps supported include routers, Anonabox, Blackphone, and QNAP. Irrespective of your devices, the VPN supports fast unlimited bandwidth Internet speeds.

  • Is VyprVPN Safe? Privacy & Encryption

The Golden Frog has a long history of fighting for mass rights to data privacy. It’s no surprise, therefore, that VyprVPN goes to great lengths to provide tight security to users. They own and run all the hardware and software necessary to keep their networks secure.

From hosting their servers to having in-house DNS, the VPN eliminates any room for data leaks. Additionally, the vendor uses industry-standard OpenVPN encryption, IPsec and a patented protocol named Chameleon. Of course, the tight security comes at a cost. But it is better to have good security than cheap services with poor services.

VyrprVPN claims to store minimal logs for 30 days. It stores your real IP address, connection times, bandwidth used and the servers’ IPs you used at specific sessions.

  • Interface

VyprVPN’s interface is not only visually appealing, but it’s also easy to use. You may be annoyed by most services opening in new windows, but it’s an overall user-friendly interface. On the home page, your IP address is displayed. They show your VPN protocol and firewall status for easy adjustments.

By default, the provider connects you to the closest or fastest server near your location. They have servers in all major continents; so you can certainly be sure that speed won’t be a problem with the Swiss-based VPN. You can also select the server you want manually from the company’s impressive settings dialog. Another feature you can adjust is when you want the VPN to launch.

  • Performance

VyprVPN leads most companies in providing consistently fast and secure connections. It has servers in the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. That gives it a great edge in providing fast connections in any region around the world. Test results for speeds in different regions confirm the claim. The Swiss client offers some of the fastest connections around the world.

Because they host their own hardware and servers, only the company can change its security and privacy policies. Test results for privacy also rate the company better than most of its competitors.

  • Ease of use

A seamless interface and a custom Settings dialog makes it possible to access all of the VPN’s features easily. The VyprVPN download features, prices, and other tools are all located in one place. Simply choose a payment method, and you will be able to download the VPN in less than ten minutes.

VyprVPN can’t unlock Netflix in most of Europe but using the client for other reasons is a breeze. From installing to customization, the Swiss vendor is built for beginners and veterans alike. If you are stuck, their website has a setup guide that can help you with the whole signup process from start to the end.

  • Customer Support

Judging the effectiveness of a VPN’s customer service is tough. But based on users’ VyprVPN reviews online; the Swiss company ranks highly in valuing their customers. They have a live chat run by a real human and a ticketed system that works efficiently. Their Frequently Asked Questions category will answer most questions you may have. For additional support, you can reach out to their support team on public forums.

VyprVPN Prices and Packages

VPNs that offer remarkable services tend to be pricey. VyprVPN is neither too expensive nor too cheap. The client is a balance of reliable services with affordable pricing. Unlike some providers, the Swiss vendor does not attempt to trade cheap for less value. Everyone gets to access the company’s best-rated services. What differs is the mode of payment and the package you choose.

Basic Plan

$ 9.95

The simple plan is a monthly-charged package that cost $9.95. It guarantees three simultaneous devices and most services offered by the Golden Frog. You can’t access the company’s Chameleon security feature on the simple plan though.

However, you probably won’t need their patented Chameleon feature unless you live in a country that blocks VPNs. The unique service deletes the metadata that could sell you off to your government and make them know you’re using a VPN. Another feature you can’t access on the simple plan is the VyprVPN cloud service.

Premium Plan

$ 12.95

Similar to the basic plan, you get a 50% discount off your first month when you subscribe to the premium plan. You can also find vyprVPN coupons online. However, the package costs $12.95 per month and offers every service offered by the Golden Frog. The company claims 73% of their users subscribe to the premium plan. But that’s probably because you get more discounts when you buy premium on an annual plan.

For people who like cryptocurrencies, you will be disappointed by vyprVPN’s payment plans. Bitcoin and other altcoins are not accepted. Instead, you get to pay using PayPal, Credit Cards or Alipay. Another downer is that you must provide your real name and postal addresses to complete payments.

Swiss-based VPN provider, VyprVPN is a great choice for users in areas with tough internet censorship laws. The company was founded on the principles of guaranteeing users’ privacy and easy access to secure Internet connections.

They have servers in all corners of the world, which makes them one of the best solutions for people in remote areas. VyprVPN is fast, efficient and easy to use. Whether you’re a beginner or have dealt with VPNs before, you will love the Golden Frog.

Their prices are slightly higher than average, but they’re affordable especially if you buy the annual plans. To gauge user experience before purchasing a premium package, visit the company’s website and try their 3-day trial. You can then decide whether to buy their services or not.

Pros and Cons


  • Offers unlimited downloads
  • Efficient 24/7 customer support
  • Secure and reliable VPN services
  • A vast number of servers in multiple countries


  • Keeps users’ logs albeit temporarily
  • Unable to unlock Netflix in some regions

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