VyprVPN Chrome Extension – Full Guide 2018

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By Mark Neri Last update on February 1, 2021
VyprVPN Chrome Extension – Full Guide 2018

VyprVPN Chrome Extension

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, are services that have become more and more popular in the last few years. These services allow consumers to browse the internet with a degree of privacy and security that is unmatched. This is accomplished by encrypting the traffic between the user and the VPN server so that neither government monitors nor the ISP can decipher it.

At the same time, the IP address of the user is obscured when it leaves the VPN server, so destination servers do not see your real IP address. Beyond this, because VPN services have servers in multiple countries, it is often possible to bypass geo-restrictions on content and other forms of censorship. Put together; this makes VPNs very powerful tools for anonymity and security online.

What Are VPN Browser Extensions?

VPN browser extensions are a kind of “lite” version of the VPN’s services. In some cases, VPN services provide browser extensions to augment their services, and in others, the browser extensions are free or ad-supported. The difference between a browser extension and a full-fledged VPN client is that the browser extension only works within the browser it is designed for – so it only protects you while browsing.

All other forms of online services, such as file sharing, gaming, or non-browser-based video streaming, are not covered by a browser extension. At the same time, some browser extensions don’t offer the same suite of protection options that the full-fledged client offers, either, working more like proxy servers only. Still, they provide another tool in the toolbox of many who are looking for a more safe and secure browsing experience.

The VyprVPN Chrome Extension

VyprVPN is a well-known VPN service provider. Until recently, they offered browser extensions, including a VyprVPN chrome extension, for their VPN service. However, they have since discontinued these products, and they are no longer available, either direct from VyprVPN, the parent company Golden Frog, or in the Chrome store. This move was largely made as the features and functions of the extension were not needed for users of the full-fledged VPN client, since it was redundant. Those who wish to use VyprVPN’s services can still get all the protection they need from the desktop client and forego needing a browser extension.

VyprVPN Chrome Extension Alternatives

If you’re still looking for a VPN Chrome extension from another provider, there are plenty who offer them. We highlight 5 good alternatives to the now-defunct VyprVPN Chrome extension from other VPN companies below.

NordVPN Chrome Extension >>

NordVPN is a leader in VPN services, so it’s no surprise they offer a Chrome extension. Unlike some, which are full proxies, this is really a basic extension, which really just hides your IP address and unblocks geo-restricted content. For true encryption or proxy services, you’ll have to use their VPN client or app, which is well-reviewed and feature-packed. The extension does offer some perks though, including security, malware, and ad protection. While not free like some options, it’s far less than the full-fledged VPN option, making it a good middle ground choice.

ExpressVPN Chrome Extension >>

ExpressVPN provides a Chrome extension as part of their paid ExpressVPN service (and does not offer it separately for a lesser price). It has a number of handy features, including split tunneling, which encrypts and protects Chrome browser traffic, without affecting other network traffic – perfect if you’re just doing some browsing that you want to be TRULY incognito. This means your overall network speed for other activities remains unaffected, while you browse in private. ExpressVPN’s extension is really the closest you’ll get to a full-fledged VPN in an extension.

WindScribe Chrome Extension >>

WindScribe is a fully-free Chrome extension, unlike the previous two entries on our list. It does not require a subscription to the WindScribe VPN service. Of course, this means the server numbers and locations are limited compared to the full-fledged VPN option, but – it’s free. There’s a 2 GB monthly bandwidth cap if you install without an e-mail registration, or 10 GB if you sign up with an e-mail – well worth the time to make a throwaway e-mail account for this purpose. Speeds are quite good, with minimal to no noticeable impact on normal web browsing. Other features include ad block and tracker removal, among several others. It also automatically changes servers if you run into any geo-restricted content.

ZenMate Chrome Extension >>

ZenMate also offers a totally free Chrome extension. Like WindScribe, this means the number of servers and locations are limited. It is also ad-supported, which can be a bit of an annoyance, but hey, they’ve got to make money off it somehow, right? There is no data cap, unlike WindScribe. It may have some issues unblocking Netflix and some other geo-restricted content since there are few servers (and therefore limited IP addresses) to choose from. But, for something free, with no bandwidth cap – there’s no reason not to download it and give it a try. If you don’t like it, you can always turn it off!

SaferVPN Chrome Extension >>

The SaferVPN Chrome extension is available for free, with a 500 MB monthly bandwidth cap. This is basically meant for you to try it before you buy it. It’s just a web proxy extension – obscuring your IP and unblocking geo-restricted content, but without any kind of encryption or advanced features.

For that, you’ll need the full-fledged SaferVPN service subscription. But, as a free extension to try out, for non-bandwidth-intensive uses, it’s certainly better than having nothing. If you’re going to be checking out dodgy sites that aren’t graphics or video hogs, then this should work fine. It’s also a good way to try out SaferVPN in a light form before signing up for the main VPN service

VyprVPN Service

Since there is no longer a VyprVPN extension for Chrome, we thought we’d highlight some of the facts about the VyprVPN service in general. Even without a browser extension, they offer wide-ranging protection. Founded in 1994 and based in Switzerland, VyprVPN has 700 servers in 70 countries. They use industry-standard AES-256 bit encryption, which is effectively unbreakable in any brute force kind of way. They have clients or apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, most routers, QNAP, BlackPhone, Anonabox, and many smart TVs. Clients are very easy-to-use for people of all technology backgrounds and expertise.

The company offers a 3 device plan and a 5 device plan that has some extra features. Both plans offer decent speeds, with around 30-40 ms added to latency, and download speeds only reduced by 20-25% – not much below that of the very top-tier providers. There is some logging, though, which can give true die-hard privacy advocates pause.


On the whole, though, VpyrVPN presents a good package, with reasonable prices, server counts, and country options, coupled with reasonable speeds, and a large range of device compatibility. Standard encryption and moderate features (especially on the 5 device plan), mixed with reasonable prices, make this a solid all-around VPN offering, even without a VyprVPN chrome extension. You just don’t need it if you subscribe to the service and have the client or app.

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