VPN Unlimited Review 2018

New York-based and offers a lifetime plan: is VPN Unlimited worth it?

Mark Neri
By Mark Neri Last update on November 1, 2018

VPN Unlimited Review

VPN Unlimited is a VPN service provider owned by KeepSolid Inc. The company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in the New York City. While its location in the US is not very exciting to users afraid of 5/14-eye member states, the provider offers good reasons to use its VPN services. VPN Unlimited has affordable paid plans in spite of offering the high-level security services you get from more expensive providers. It isn’t the biggest provider in the industry, but it’s a fast-growing company.

The US-based vendor appeals to users who love personalized services the most. You can get a private IP address or a personal server at will. You can also get a lifetime plan instead of a monthly or annual plan. Find out more about the provider in this VPN Unlimited review.

VPN Unlimited Features & Specs

VPN Unlimited supports 5 simultaneous devices with a single license. You can connect to any of their 400+ servers located in 70+ countries on iMac, iOS, Android, Linux or Windows devices. When surfing the Internet, your bandwidth isn’t limited irrespective of the price plan picked. Simply choose a plan, and you get the same services as anyone else.

  • Interface

VPN Unlimited has an easy to use interface. Once you buy a plan on the company’s sales page, the installation process is easy. The VPN Unlimited trial client has a simple interface that lists only the most important features. You select a server of choice from the topmost option. Below your account is the option to configure security details like connection type chosen.

If you want to reach out to the company’s customer support team, you don’t need to leave the VPN Unlimited download page. The interface also comes with an option to contact VPN Unlimited. Other features on the interface include a call to test their censorship servers and special offer details. The provider also shows the number of days remaining before your license expires.

  • Performance

Whether you choose the VPN Unlimited free trial client or paid version, the company offers reliable services. Many reviewers rate the VPN good at worst and reliable for the most part. While many VPNs suspend their lifetime plans regularly, VPN Unlimited has remained faithful to their users.

According to some reviewers, VPN Unlimited supports up to 174Mbps for downloads if your ISP provider is good. The Uploads average 30Mbps with a fast ISP and 5Mbps in remote areas. Compared to other companies, the US-based network is fast. It’s reliable and rarely disappoints. Although VPN Unlimited is super-fast in the US and the UK, it’s slower in Asia and African countries. Still, you can stream Netflix and download p2p files conveniently.

  • Ease of use

The New York-based VPN provider ranks better than many US-based VPNs when it comes to ease of use. While many companies take you through complicated processes to install a client, VPN Unlimited is beginner friendly. Downloading and installing the client takes less than five minutes. The servers are indicated on a world map for easy selection. However, you can let the app connect you automatically.

Every feature found on the VPN’s interface is self-explanatory. The privacy and security feature allows you to change your connection types; the information section lets you reach out to the company, while the offers section is exactly that.

  • Customer Support

VPN Unlimited lacks a live chat communication feature, but their support services are good. While many providers take more than 24 hours to respond to queries, VPN Unlimited communicates back in 30 minutes. The company’s quality of customer support is also good.

Many providers have a habit of using bots to communicate with users. With VPN Unlimited, you get helpful feedback from a real person. Email communication is the company’s preferred way to reach out to them. But you can also use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Is VPN Unlimited Safe? Privacy & Encryption

Using KeepSolid Wise feature, VPN Unlimited obfuscates your connection in countries that block VPNs. The company uses OpenVPN to channel your internet traffic throughout the internet and encrypts data using AES bit-256 and IKEv2.

Does VPN Unlimited keep logs? Like a growing number of providers, the US-based vendor keeps some logs to improve service delivery. It keeps logs about the device you choose, the connection time and type of connection. VPN Unlimited does not log your IP address or the content surfed online. In essence, the FBI can’t find out how you use the internet even if they closed down VPN Unlimited.

Although most VPNs offer the same security procedure, VPN Unlimited ranks higher courtesy of their KeepSolid Wise service. Netflix can’t block you because of using a VPN. You can use Facebook in China without fearing you could be apprehended. Additionally, the company has a kill-switch feature. In case your Internet connection is disrupted, your Internet traffic is disabled securely.

VPN Unlimited Price & Plans

VPN Unlimited once had 7 payment plans to suit both temporary and long-term needs. You could purchase a 7-day plan for $2 and a life plan for $50. Nowadays, the New York-based company resemble many providers on the Internet. You get a monthly, annual and a three-year plan. The company also offers a lifetime plan. VPN Unlimited accepts credit cards, PayPal and Bitcoin for payments. Among the subscription packages offered by VPN Unlimited include:

1 Month Plan

$ 9.99

The 30-day plan comes at a competitive price of $9.99. Almost every VPN sells their monthly plan at a similar cost. VPN Unlimited doesn’t offer any unique services when you buy the plan. For someone in need of a temporary VPN service, the 1-month plan is the most convenient deal by VPN Unlimited.

1 Year Plan

$ 5

After the monthly plan, there is no safety net for someone in need of VPN services for 3-9 months. The one-year plan costs $5 a month, but you must pay annually. You save 50% when you pay the $59.99 yearly package, making it one of the best deals.

3-Year Plan

$ 2.78

The company’s 3-year plan saves you 75% of what you could have paid on a monthly plan. You incur $2.78 charged at $99.99. The 3-year plan is a far better deal than what many providers charge. Some companies charge $100 for a one year plan, meaning you save a third of what you could pay elsewhere.

Lifetime Plan

$ 199

Almost no other popular VPN offers a lifetime plan. Companies that have the plan often suspend it from time to time. VPN Unlimited charges between $150 and $200 for their lifetime plan. In the early days, you could get the same plan for as low as $30. At $199.00, the lifetime sounds too good to be true. But since the deal has been around for a while, we can safely say it’s the best plan from the company.

Based on a 5-eye member state, VPN Unlimited doesn’t come off as the most secure VPN provider. But upon reviewing its services, the New York-headquartered provider is safe. The provider uses industry-standard security techniques like OpenVPN, supports fast speed, and only keeps logs meant to help improve services.

VPN Unlimited supports a maximum of 5 devices across multiple platforms. Its download and upload speeds are good, and their support team is professional and quick to help. Overall, the company offers great value with their competitive price plans and quality services.

Pros and Cons


  • Uses multiple industry-standard techniques to keep the user safe.
  • Offers fast connections in many regions
  • The provider’s customer support team is fast and professional
  • Offers affordable price plans


  • Uses questionable marketing tactics to increase lifetime plan sales
  • Based in the US, a 5-eye member state country.

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