Turbo VPN Review 2018

Explore TurboVpn - a privacy-based online app.

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By Mark Neri Last update on October 29, 2018
Turbo VPN Review 2018

What is Turbo VPN?

The Turbo VPN is a China-based online privacy app provider that allows internet users to freely surf the web without the location-based restriction that may be imposed by some website owners and countries. Being an online privacy provider, it offers a limited number of servers for users, and compatibility with IOS and Android platforms only. Additionally, it protects the identity of its users by not making their accounts vulnerable to hackers, among other malicious internet users. It is important to note emphatically that internet kill switch is not part of its free features. Though it has its origin in the great nation of China, turbo VPN initiatives guarantee its users access to many servers in the leading continents of the world (Europe, Asia, and North America). Turbo VPN is big in that it has a global outreach. There is an application for Turbo VPN for PC and Turbo VPN Windows.

Turbo Features

One fact that makes Turbo VPN outstanding is its distinctive features. Some of Turbo VPNs features that make it unique include:


Turbo VPN gives a private network the capacity to be extended across a public network. The connection speed using VPN Turbo almost corresponds with browsing without VPN. The use of Turbo VPN is free, and it incurs no data cost at all. It has nine strong servers in the leading continents of the world and a bandwidth that is absolutely wide and unlimited. Unlike other VPN that brings up many ads when used, ads in Turbo VPN are highly minimal even in its free version.

Safety, Privacy, and Encryption

VPN Turbo gives its users access to corporate applications and other platforms through secured tunnels that cannot be traced. To ensure the privacy of its users, Turbo VPN has encryption protocols designed to secure its users and ensure swift internet surfing. However, each protocol determines the security level. Encryption protocols vary as low as PPTP to as robust as L2TP and SSTP. VPN Turbo gives its users an anonymous personality on the internet and gives the user the right to restrict his or her personal identity.

Turbo VPN Interface

The interface is a minimalist one in that it clearly shows the user its connection status. There is a hare, and a carrot on the page and a ‘connect’ tap on the carrot makes the hare runs swiftly. This signifies that connection has begun in its full and promising speed. The connection only takes some few seconds and is accomplished when the hare lies down. It signifies that it has acquired the carrot, and thus ‘connected.’ Speed, simplicity, and clarity are guaranteed using Turbo VPN interface.


For Turbo VPN great performance, Google Play records about 50 million installations of it so far. What is required in its use is your approval of its permission list which is relatively lengthy. The ads are minimal, and they don’t intrude on other activities as they can only be seen in the app. Its use is very simple and can be easily and swiftly accessible by even novice. Turbo speed varies in countries with the UK topping the list. Even in countries with low speed, turbo VPN still found to be highly dependable. However, the higher the encryption level, the less fast the speed.

Ease of Use

There is no special knowledge that is required in the use of Turbo VPN application. It is designed in simple language, clear symbols, and explicit command buttons that can be leveraged by those experts and amateur users alike. After download, its installation is very easy. Turbo VPN installation features your approval of a permission list that will be displayed. After that, it only takes a few seconds before your app is ready for use.

Customer Support

Turbo VPN customer support has majorly found expression on the Facebook platform. Solutions are always given to query within a few minutes interval from the time of query delivery. The company customer service is highly responsive. For now, the Turbo VPN website is yet to have an adequate customer service link. However, all queries that are submitted to [email protected] promises to be followed by a comprehensive response. Help and Support on how to upgrade system are also made available via the customer support section.

Turbo VPN Prices and Packages

Outside of special consideration, all payments are to be made prior to the distribution of Turbo VPN services. This process includes confirmation of your order being sent to the personal email address you registered with their platform. However, Turbo VPN itself is free. To have a VIP service; there are considerable payments attached.

Monthly Plan

$ 11.99

On a month to month payment, VIP service goes for $11.99 per month

Annually Plan

$ 2.99

But if the monthly payment is to be paid annually, it goes for a subsidized price of $2.99 with about 75% cut off.

  • Turbo Applications: Turbo VPN for PC have specifications that are uniquely designed for smooth and fast browsing. For example, Turbo VPN for windows (free version) has applications that are designed for Windows 7, 8, 10 and MAC OS. Also, readily available for download at any time on our site is Turbo VPN unlimited free VPN and security Turbo VPN APK.

Turbo VPN is a China-based app that allows its users to have unrestricted access to the internet for free without revealing their personal identity. However, to access some of the distinctive app features, there are some applicable charges. An upfront payment of those monthly charges on an annual basis attracts up to 75% savings on the charges. Turbo VPN is adequately designed to be highly secure, fast, free, and affordable for special offers. Its features answer assuredly the commonly posed question of “Is Turbo VPN safe?”

Pros and Cons


  • TurboVPN is User-Friendly.
  • Requires no registration.
  • Offers free version.
  • Fast & Reliable servers.


  • Created only for smartphones.
  • Servers are limited.

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