Trust.Zone VPN Review 2018

Trust.Zone is meeting and exceeding VPN needs for beginners.

Mark Neri
By Mark Neri Last update on October 29, 2018
Trust.Zone VPN Review 2018

What is Trust.Zone?

Trust.Zone is a highly trusted brand name in the VPN fraternity. It was founded in Seychelles in 2004. This large-scale company has a massive footprint, particularly in the European region. The VPN is an all-rounder, especially when there is a need to surf anonymously, shielding your privacy and refraining ISPs to track your online activities. If you have very basic VPN needs on top of a tight budget, then this is the go-to option for many. However, users with advanced needs, requiring custom apps and a few other supplementary features should look for an alternate VPN service. Headquartered in Seychelles serves as a strategic location as the place is exempted from any data retention laws. This along with performance, reliability, and economics gives many good reasons to choose the subject VPN.

Trust.Zone VPN Features


Trust.Zone VPN excels by providing its services through 124 servers located in 32 different countries. The standout locations for the servers include countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, and New Zealand. However, the major disappointment is the availability of a single server only in the South America and Africa regions. The supported platforms for the VPN are iOS, Android, Linux and Windows with seamless support for their respective devices. The VPN provides unlimited bandwidth along with unlimited data speed, which is consistent and has been confirmed through many Trust.Zone VPN reviews and users’ feedbacks.

Is Trust.Zone VPN Safe? Privacy & Encryption

Living up to the reputation of its name, the VPN is safe with reasonable privacy for the users. It uses SHA256 protocol for authentication, AES-256 protocol for encryption and RSA-2048 for a handshake. These standards are reliable and have been tried, tested and implemented by the majority of the top VPNs of today. This Trust.Zone VPN review confirms through the official site of the Trust.Zone VPN about no logging policy of the service. P2P is enabled for increased user protection for torrenting. However, testing Trust.Zone servers resulted in DNS leakage, where the address of the user’s own DNS was showing up. This is a serious issue, undermining the core privacy aspect of the VPN.


The interface is quite unique and simple. It provides just 1-click operation for connecting to your desired server location. The “Auto Location Select” feature is also there that automatically hook-up the user to the closest and fastest available server. The “Auto-Retry Connect” feature eases connectivity, in the case when the connection drops. The port change is also a 1-click operation, which makes the entire user experience quite simple and easy.


Performance is a crucial aspect in determining the quality of a VPN service. We have tried in this Trust.Zone review to explain performance through testing of the different available servers. It was concluded that the majority of the servers responded quite well, except the German one. This slowness could possibly be due to the server being overloaded, as Germany is a very popular VPN location. Some other probable factors that could limit VPN performance includes interference in the user’s internet connection or some conflicting software (e.g., Antivirus) issue.

Ease of use

Trust.Zone is fairly easy to install software, requiring just 10 minutes from scratch to finish. Beginners would love its simple look and feel, especially on the subscription management page, which allows them to see the start and expiry date of the plan conveniently. There is also a resourceful section for tracking all your traffic. The platform also provides a useful warrant canary page to confirm, if the VPN needs to comply with any type of cyber laws. This transparency allows beginners to use the service with great peace of mind.

Customer Support

Customer support service holds pivotal importance for any VPN service and its users. Trust.Zone offers support through ticket logging mechanism. This is a bit disappointing as users could not get any real-time support, which several other VPNs are offering through their live chat option. Another limitation is that the ticket support is available only during business hours of weekdays (Monday – Friday, 6AM to 4PM GMT). After logging your ticket, expect a response in 5 hours approximately. However, there is a comprehensive FAQs page that answers several questions that users frequently comes across. Moreover, a detailed troubleshooting step-by-step guide is also provided for addressing some standard technical issues.

Trust.Zone VPN Prices and Packages

Trust Zone is quite economical and has immense variety in the plans that they have got to offer. From one month to a yearly plan, prices are truly justified when evaluated against the features being offered with each plan. Making payments for your desirable plan is quite simple. The Trust.Zone VPN accepts PayPal, Alipay, Bitcoin, Direct Bank Transfers and all major credit cards.

1 Month Plan

$ 6.99

It is hard to find a 1-month deal that is as economical as the vendor charges $6.99 a month. Users enjoy unlimited data transfer and bandwidth along with unlimited server switching as well.

3 Month Plan

$ 14.85

Price drops further with equally good features as offered with the 1-month plan. A total of $14.85 needs to be paid, which makes it $4.95 per month. Therefore, netizens enjoy 30% savings on this plan as compared with the 1-month plan.

1 Year Plan

$ 39.95

This long-term yearly plan offers 53% savings as compared with the 1-month plan. Total cost for the entire year subscription will be $39.95 only, which makes $3.33 per month.

Free Plan

$ 0

Trust.Zone VPN free 3-day trial offer comes with unlimited bandwidth, but 1GB data only. The free plan is served through 109 locations only, instead of 124 available with the paid plans. Free subscribers can only hook-up 1 device with the VPN.

As per the detailed Trust.Zone VPN review above, it is a feature-enriched option for novice users with basic VPN needs. Seasoned users might not get pleased with the poor connection speed caused due to some servers being overloaded. Overall, speed, security, and performance are quite good for the VPN. DNS leaks exposing privacy and limited customer support are a couple of serious issues with the VPN. However, multiple platform/ devices support and economic subscription plans make it a good deal for the newbies. Prospective clients must try the 3-day trial offer to get the look and feel of the VPN service.

Pros and Cons


  • It is the most economical VPN package for the beginners with a monthly rate as low as $3.33 a month.
  • Service offers unlimited bandwidth with unlimited data speed to licensed users.
  • Trust.Zone coupon code offers and other seasonal discounts are readily available to further cut-down on the cost.
  • The platform provides 1-click software install functionality.


  • User’s DNS information leakage is reported, which compromises privacy.
  • No real-time customer support is available.

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