TotalVPN Review 2018

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By Mark Neri Last update on October 29, 2018
TotalVPN Review 2018

Total VPN Review

Total Virtual Private Network is a new product in the VPN market that started working in 2014 with a purpose of attracting customers with free plans. Total VPN is a US-based VPN service provider with its servers in countries like the Netherlands, Iceland, and Singapore with a 2Mbs data cap.

TotalVPN creates a data tunnel between the internet and your device where it skips your ISP and directs all data through the encrypted tunnel.

If you are wondering what this vendor is like, then here is one of the top Total VPN reviews ready to enlighten you in the subsequent paragraphs. We have taken into account every fact about this provider to ensure you make decisions that will benefit you as a user.

Total VPN Features & Specs

Despite Total VPN being a new additional product on internet security platforms, it has features that are not many but very crucial to you.

Some of these features include over 60 server locations, 33+ servers, free package, smart DNS, all devices support, zero bandwidth and zero data limitation, no usage logs, and OpenVPN.

Total VPN has Total compatibility with iOS, Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android.

Is Total VPN Safe? Privacy and encryption

TotalVPN is one of the best internet security providers and secures your data by encrypting it, providing you with more privacy.

TotalVPN logs specific types of details that are typical among VPN service providers. The provider may track some of your personal information like login cookies, account details, and email to make you save your user credentials.

The VPN service provider does not keep logs, your activities, or personal data; instead, they make it their responsibility to protect the user’s information as they strengthen their measures to guard your account details.


To use Total VPN, you have to do a total VPN download from the company’s website to your computer or any other device that you are using. Installation of Total VPN is fast and smooth. The VPN is convenient since after installing it, you can be able to reset your passwords. Its instructions are straightforward on how to change the settings after moving to a different location.


If you use Total VPN, you will enjoy services that are smooth, and with fast connections. Speedier connections make Total VPN great because you can stream movies, watch TV programs, and listening to music without interruptions. You can also open different tabs with different content.

Total VPN will connect well with YouTube, and VoIP would be of high quality once connected to the VPN service. Total VPN also meets VoIP calls that need 300ms of latency.

Though this kind of VPN is fast, it slows down during data transfer or when downloading large files.

Ease of Use

Total VPN is easy to use since it takes a minimum of two minutes to install after doing a Total VPN download to the right device and the correct version. You only need to log in with your details once the VPN has connected in your device.

Total VPN has options where you can sign-up without using a credit card since the service has a Total VPN free package. Though the free service has its limitations, you are free to use it without worrying about its expiry date.

If you are an irregular user of VPN services, then it is advisable to opt for the free account service instead of a paid one.

Customer Support

Total VPN will offer you a great and flexible customer support system that includes a customer support staff that responds in time via email. The vendor also has a well-designed customer page with simple access, including a database where you can browse or search for answers.

There are also neatly written guides for new users on how to set up the VPN on all popular OS. Their FAQ page is also fairly extensive, and if you need a specific response, then you can use the ticketing service and email.

Total VPN Prices and Packages

Getting a good VPN will mostly mean that you may sign up and pay for one. But is TotalVPN free?

Total VPN comes with two packages: a free package and a premium package that is paid on a monthly basis.

Free Plan

$ 0

The free packages have three servers

Premium Plan

$ 2.99

Total VPN premium package offers VPN service at a lower price after customers complained about high billing rates. A monthly subscription goes for $ 4.49, while a ransom of 24 months’ costs $ 2.99 per month. If you apply for a one-month subscription, you will part with $ 3.59 per month.

Total VPN price isn’t the most expensive, and better so since it’s new with fewer server locations. When paying your subscription, you can only use PayPal or use a credit card since those are the only authorized mode of payments.

If you opt for the services of Total Premium Plan, you will enjoy a 30- day money back guarantee together with a free plan. The guarantee gives you an opportunity to feel the service twice to confirm it is the one you need.

For anyone after a new service that offers exceptional features, then the Total VPN is worth trying out. The Total VPN is unique in the market, and already they can provide you with a free account, meaning that a user does not need to have a credit card or PayPal account to begin enjoying security and privacy.

Despite their free plan having some limitations, you will be sure to enjoy un-interrupted service without an expiry date to test the service.

With Total VPN, you will have a smooth online activity without fear since all your actions will not be visible and nobody can track your steps. You will be amazed by its excellent browsing speed making it possible for you to connect to different devices at the same time.

Unfortunately, Total VPN has stopped their services in China with reason only known to them making those in China opt for other VPN service providers that are available.

Pro and cons


  • 24/7 customer service support
  • Free package
  • Can work with more than one devices
  • Top security


  • It is Slow when downloading big files.
  • Can forward your information to government agencies upon request.

Total VPN can be the best solution for you whether you are a starter or an expert since it requires zero or minimum maintenance. The other reason why you should opt for Total VPN is its ability to support a wide range of devices.

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