TorGuard VPN for Netflix

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By Mark Neri Last update on November 6, 2018
TorGuard VPN for Netflix

TorGuard VPN for Netflix

Netflix is one of the popular streaming sites worldwide. It is only in, China, Syria, and North Korea where you cannot find Netflix. Nonetheless, the licensing restrictions can be frustrating to customers as they hardly offer the same content libraries to all customers. For instance, those in the USA seem to get a better deal than others across the globe. To evade, this geographical discrimination, you need a VPN. A VPN will be able to bypass geo-restrictions.

TorGuard, in particular, has the capacity to unblock Netflix by providing a dedicated American IP address. In the succeeding paragraphs, we review in detail TorGuard VPN for Netflix.

Should you use TorGuard for Netflix?

While in the search for a good Netflix VPN, there are a number of factors to consider. Some of the pointers as to whether TorGuard makes the perfect choice for a VPN for Netflix include:

Safety and privacy

Privacy and security features of TorGuard are splendid. The service has a kill switch that guarantees your IP will not exude in the event the connection is disconnected, and you will remain anonymous after that. Furthermore, it supports the major tunneling protocols. Including; OpenVPN, IPSec/L2TP, PPTP, SSTP and IKev2 on connection prevalent platforms such as Windows, iOS, and Android. With AES-256bit encryption, your privacy is further reinforced.

On the privacy front, TorGuard does not keep user logs. Nonetheless, their privacy policy states that they keep cookies and collect information on how users interact with their website. To add to this, they may use your information when rewarding partners and affiliates.

Download speed

Speed is a core feature when looking for a VPN meant for streaming channels. To measure TorGuard speed, you can use to discover whether it has the supersonic speed required to stream your favorite shows. Some locations, have blazing speeds due to the presence of a high number of servers. Furthermore, TorGuard comes with no bandwidth limits. This is a plus for anyone intending to stream with this service.

Server location and numbers

TorGuard stats regarding server locations and numbers are quite impressive. The VPN has 3000+ servers in 50 countries. These servers, are evenly distributed geographically. Their distribution of servers is laudable for streaming purposes, as it means that a user can easily find a server nearby that is less crowded.

User interface +compatibility

TorGuard has a user-friendly interface which is compatible with the following devices:

  • Computers; Windows, Linux, and Apple Mac OSX.
  • Mobile; Apple iPhones iOS, and Android.
  • Routers; DD-WRT and Tomato.

Netflix with TorGuard – does it keep logs?

For the essence of privacy and protection, a VPN service provider used for streaming channels ought not to keep user logs. TorGuard privacy policy as earlier mentioned, lucidly states that they strictly do not keep your traffic information. This is controversial, as they keep a user’s cookies, primarily to be able to reward their partners who may have referred you to their service.

As aforementioned, they keep some information that allows them to monitor how users use their site. This is deeply disappointing, as a VPN is mainly meant to make your online experience safer and private. Another setback is the fact that it is located in the USA, a country with strict censorship laws. Furthermore, they are under the radar of NSA, and this implies that your logs may be in jeopardy as they could be accessed anytime if need be.

TorGuard Netflix important features

Netflix TorGuard VPN carries with it incredible features of functionality. For starters, as a user, you can purchase a dedicated IP at the checkout section. With a dedicated IP, it will be a hassle-free experience to lock down your service in case any identity is trying to identify you. Consequently, you will unblock Netflix and be able to stream TV shows and movies. Unlike a shared IP, as a subscriber, you will not experience proxy errors while trying to stream with TorGuard. Secondly, TorGuard supports a variety of security protocols which include; OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, and IKEv2.

Therefore, in case you need to switch to another preferred protocol, the choices are there. However, if you wish, you can still leverage the industry standard security protocol, OpenVPN. For protection, the VPN service has AES-256-bit encryption which is among the most secure protection in this field. Furthermore, TorGuard comes with a kill switch, concealing your identity even in the event of a disconnection.

Lastly, TorGuard is compatible with the popular platforms such as; windows, Mac, iOS, DD-WRT and Tomato routers and also Android. Regardless of the source of your traffic, you can always remain protected.

TorGuard Netflix servers

When opting for Netflix VPN, the number of servers is a significant feature to consider. Primarily, because as a user you need less crowded servers to get a more significant portion of the bandwidth. Lest you let your streaming to be interrupted, when you are enjoying your favorite shows. Additionally, their geographic location needs also to be considered. This will come in handy when looking for servers that are close to your location.

TorgGuard boasts over 3,000 servers in 50 countries. This is quite impressive. Nonetheless, not all of them support Netflix.

Netflix with TorGuard –prices & plans

The pricing of a VPN service is pivotal in deciding whether a Netflix streamer will commit to a plan or not. Surprisingly, TorGuard for Netflix has way cheaper plans compared to other similar service vendors in the market. Notably, for most of VPN service providers, when an internet user opts for a longer plan the pricing coincidentally, drops. This equally applies to TorGuard. In the unfolding sections, we break down the pricing plans for TorGuard for Netflix.

Monthly Plan

$ 9.99

This plan goes at $9.9 per month. As anticipated this is quite expensive.

Three Months Plan

$ 19.99

The plan goes at $19.99 per three months.

Six Months Plan

$ 29.99

For this plan, a user will part with, $29.99 for every six months.

Yearly Plan

$ 59.99

This one goes for $59.99 per year or $5 per month. Arguably this is the fairest of the four plans.

These subscriptions allow a Netflix streamer to connect up to five-devices, however, if dissatisfied a subscriber could add more devices for $1.00 per month per device. If you are keen to keep enjoying streaming with Netflix with TorGuard on a limited budget, the yearly plan is the best deal.

So, should you use TorGuard for Netflix?

In conclusion, as a Netflix enthusiast, you should try using TorGuard for Netflix. Primarily due to several reasons. Foremost, TorGuard seems to have a relatively permanent solution to unblocking Netflix using a unique dedicated IP that you can purchase. According to reviews, the service vendor pioneered solving the proxy errors, consequently, giving them an edge over many VPNs. Furthermore, it has the best services in terms of speed, application customization, and customer service.

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