SpyOFF VPN Review 2018

Uncover the facts, ratings, pros, and cons of SpyOFF VPN.

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By Mark Neri Last update on October 29, 2018
SpyOFF VPN Review 2018

SpyOFF VPN Review

SpyOFF is a VPN service vendor based in the Republic of San Marino. It is relatively new in the field of VPN service delivery. Just like any other VPN Service provider, SpyOFF VPN offers a number of basic services like anonymity when accessing the internet, online privacy protection, hiding and replacing IP addresses. This service can be accessed through a variety of devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Having servers in 21 countries make subscribers nearer to the servers access unlimited content with ease.

In the sequential paragraphs, we expound in details what SpyOFF VPN entails in terms of specs, security, pricing and packages plans, and customer support.

SpyOFF VPN Features


SpyOFF VPN boasts state of the art features. It’s congenial with the prevalent operating systems such as windows, Android MacOS, IOS, and Linux. More so, it can be installed in your router or gaming console. It comes with a detailed guide accompanied by pictures on how to set up the SpyOFF VPN client. The trial period can be utilized to explore all the features before committing to a plan. Their many servers render unlimited server switching possible. More so, SpyOFF allows torrenting. An elaborate summary of the specs is given below.

  • It has 395 servers in 21 countries.
  • It has no bandwidth caps.
  • Has unlimited devices per license.
  • Adheres to No logs policy.
  • It is equipped with a kill switch.
  • Allows unlimited switches between servers.

Is SpyOFF VPN safe? Privacy & Encryption

SpyOFF VPN supports the main security protocols used by other VPN service providers which include PPTP, L2PT, and OpenVPN. It has a 256-bit SSL encryption and a kill switch functionality which complement its security. With the kill switch in place, you are less apprehensive of accidental information exude. Their zero logs policy provides a guarantee that none of your browsing data will be collected. San Marino does not have data retention Laws that would otherwise obligate SpyOFF VPN to keep user logs. Nonetheless, it neighbors countries with these laws.

Although it’s accompanied by such splendid features, a number of SpyOFF VPN spam reviews regard it as rather unreliable.


SpyOFF is characterized by a good and dedicated interface. Their interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It’s sleek and straightforward. With just one click you get connected to SpyOFF. The client will appear green to ascertain you are connected to one of their servers. However, if it appears red, it indicates you have not yet established a connection.

To switch between servers, all you are required to do is to click on the select location. The client will automatically select the nearest server to your location. Under recent locations tab, you get to access servers you used recently. Additionally, its smart location feature enables you to connect to the best performing server.


The top-notch features associated with SpyOFF, it’s undoubtedly a top performer. The high number of servers is there to ensure your internet speed connection are always above board. With a 256-bit SSL encryption and a kill switch, it’s certain your data will remain secure whenever your connection is interrupted. The strict no log policy further reinforces the flawlessness.

Ease of use

For a newbie, it might not be easy configuring a SpyOff VPN download. On your desktop, you download the client from your account and run the .exe file. Notably, there is no automatic configuration. Therefore, a subscriber is required to set up every aspect of the VPN. It may be easy for an individual with experience in this field. The manual process entails;

  • Launching the VPN connection.
  • Selecting a server.
  • Copying the IP address on the client.

The intricate nature of SpyOff client accompanied long wait of customer response might make the configuration take longer.

Customer support

On this front, SpyOFF VPN has various platforms, which extend customer support services. Such as;

  • Social media: It is considered as the most active, and result in instant replies. However, more complex inquiries are replied via email.
  • Email: It is another platform where a subscriber gets an opportunity to ask about SpyOFF services and submit queries.

Ticketing is also available on SpyOFF VPN service. The SpyOFF website offers knowledge base guides and FAQs. Their customer service is only functional during office hours and therefore do not anticipate a response to your inquiries and queries outside their working time frames. This service, however, seems to be jolted towards German-speaking users than English speaking users.

SpyOFF VPN prices and packages

Although it is not the most affordable VPN service in the market, SpyOFF features are high-end. SpyOFF offers two pricing plans. The two plans come with a 15-day free trial and a 14-day money-back guarantee. To be to enjoy the SpyOFF VPN free trial plan, a subscriber is required to submit personal and payment information. This may be a put-off if you are focused on absolute anonymity.

You can choose between a monthly/starter and annual/premium

Starter Plan

$ 9.99

Premium Plan

$ 6.99

The premium plan is seemingly affordable although you will need to pay in advance

These two plans are coupled with an unlimited number of connections and uncapped bandwidth. Supported modes of Payment for SpyOff include credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express; PayPal; Bitcoin; BitPay; and coupons.

Distinctively, SpyOFF has no free plan or package except the 15-day free trial. A major drawback with this service is that a subscriber will often be tied to exchange rate fluctuations associated with currencies involved. Even so, the prices and packages are fair and within reach of a subscriber who needs to evade censorship.

In conclusion, SpyOFF is indeed a powerhouse in terms of performance, security and privacy protection. For an internet user concerned about the security of their data, SpyOFF VPN is a reliable service vendor. You can, therefore, unblock your favorite restricted sites and streaming channels.

Pros and Cons


  • No Logging
  • Great Jurisdiction (San Marino)
  • Torrenting Allowed
  • Kill Switch


  • Little encryption suit info.
  • Unreliable customer support.
  • No free plan.

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