SaferVPN for Linux – is it good?

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By Mark Neri Last update on November 6, 2018
SaferVPN for Linux – is it good?

SaferVPN for Linux

The Linux Operating System is one of the popular operating systems currently. As a Linux user, data safety and protection is a matter that you constantly address either by using an updated antivirus (which is not a must-have in the case of the Linux OS) or using your firewall. However, solely these measures are hardly adequate to prevent malicious entities from accessing your data.

A Virtual Private Network prevalently referred to a VPN is a connection that facilitates data transit across a less secure network. Primarily, this technology was meant to be used by corporations; however, this has since changed as private users have embraced this technology. One such particular VPN service provider is SaferVPN which is an Israel based company. They guarantee Linux users seamless anonymity in addition to granting access to geo-restricted streaming channels such as Netflix and Hulu.

In the succeeding paragraphs, we look at a detailed review of SaferVPN for Linux.

Should you use SaferVPN for Linux?

Arguably, as a Linux user who utilizes different browsers to access the internet, you need a VPN that is fast and compatible with your Operating System. SaferVPN features are top-notch and reliable in terms of functionality delivery. They can be categorized into:

Safety and privacy

SaferVPN uses state of the art technology to fortify your data. It has AES-256 bit encryption and comes with the industry standard security protocols which include; OpenVPN IKEv2(by default), IPSec, SSTP and PPTP. With these military grade features, as Linux user, you can surf calmly bearing in mind that no snoopers or hackers will grasp your data.

Download speed

Typically, it is known that when you connect to the internet through a VPN, your internet speed will significantly reduce. However, this is barely the case with Safer. From stats on an EU server, it manages an impressive rate of 79.23mbps. This feature makes it rank as the 5th fastest VPN service provider globally. Furthermore, the service provider has unlimited bandwidth meaning a user will not experience any download caps. This remarkable speed makes it even further convenient for a Linux OS.

Server location and numbers

SaferVPN boasts 700+ servers in 34 countries. Although these numbers are rarely as many as other service providers like NordVPN, it is still a good number. Quite a number of these servers support peer-to-peer(P2P) file transfers, a relevant torrenting functionality.

User interface and compatibility

Unlike other vendors, SaferVPN with Linux has a straightforward to use interface. For a beginner, navigating on the interface is also easy. Establishing a connection is just a button away. Apparently, apart from Linux, SaferVPN is also compatible with the mainstream Operating Systems such as Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.

Linux with SaferVPN-does it keep logs?

SaferVPN has a strict ‘no-logs’ policy. Being located in Israel, a jurisdiction whose supreme court limits authorities from invading privacy means that your data usage will not be accessed. Moreover, Israel’s law protects users under the Protection of privacy law. Consequently, as a Linux user, you can be less worried that some authorities will get hold of your data logs. Nonetheless, the fact that Israel is located in an agitated and politically unstable region may turn off subscribers.

Also, the country is embedded with the “Five-Eyes” information sharing partnership. Therefore, as a user, you don’t have an assurance that SaferVPN will deny submitting your data usage if compelled to do so by authorities. Besides that, from their website, they are even more controversial on their zero log policy. The company claims to collect some data such as usage statistics. The data collected include; date and time of when the session began or ended, amount of data transmitted per session, to which VPN location and from which country you have been connected from.

SaferVPN Linux important features

SaferVPN has high-end features. Foremost it has a kill switch meaning on an event your connection is disrupted your DNS will not exude. Moreover, you get to connect to a maximum of 5 five devices. This will allow you to protect both home and office devices such a PCs and mobile phones. The VPN boasts automatic Wi-Fi security, which implies that your traffic and communication are kept safe.

Tor is an excellent tool with VPN for anonymity and privacy online. Tor through SaferVPN is possible. Via a simple configuration, you get to connect to SaferVPN servers. With more than 700+ servers incorporated with server switching functionality. SaferVPN offers an Anti-DDoS to its users primarily to extenuate anti- DDoS server attack. Importantly, with SaferVPN you get to stream your favorite channels from anywhere. Truly, these features can come in handy for a user using Linux with SaferVPN.

SaferVPN Linux compatibility

Configuring SaferVPN Linux app is a straightforward process. A user is only required to go through three steps. Namely; sign up, configure and connect.

Linux with SaferVPN –prices & plans

Safer offers fairly affordable pricing plans for a user with a limited budget. Unfortunately, the latter offers no free plan. In addition to that, all their plans have similar exceptional features, the only distinction between the plans is how long you get to access their services. SaferVPN plans include;

Monthly Plan

$ 10.99

Yearly Plan

$ 5.49

Biannual Plan

$ 3.29

It is lucid that the longer the plan, the cheaper the cost. It is, therefore, vital that before a Linux user commits to a plan, he or she should take into consideration this rationale. Besides a customer is given a 30-day money-back guarantee for the three plans. This is significant in that you get to explore all the features prior to making a decision on a plan. A user can use PayPal, Bitcoin or Credit Card which enhances your anonymity.

So, should you use SaferVPN for Linux?

Overall, Safer is an all-around VPN characterized by exceptional features of functionality such as anti-DDoS, Tor over VPN, kill switch and robust security. Although compared to other VPN service vendor,s it is not highly tenable. Consequently, as a Linux user, you can give it a trial.

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