PrivateVPN Review 2018

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By Mark Neri Last update on October 29, 2018
PrivateVPN Review 2018

What is PrivateVPN?

PrivateVPN (full name: Privat Kommunikation Sverige AB) is a VPN provider that was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, back in 2009. PrivateVPN offers its users private, safe and stable connection from any corner of the world and a service that is available for 24 hours a day without any interruptions. Private VPN is giving users the full freedom for activities such as logging, monitoring, and more, yet never shares the personal data of the users with anyone. PrivateVPN also gives people the ability to avoid censorship while accessing the content of their choice. In the meantime, users can access any material through the Private VPN from all around the world and do it completely free from all kinds of restriction.

If you want to learn more about this PrivateVPN service, carry on with this PrivateVPN review, and you will get to know all about it.

PrivateVPN Features


PrivateVPN is compatible with software platforms such as Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. This VPN is available in 56 countries and has more than 80 server locations. The VPN has 15,000 TB of protected data.

Is PrivateVPN safe? Privacy & Encryption

PrivateVPN has strong encryption for the security and privacy along with a strict no-log policy. The company uses protocols, which provide robust VPN encryption among the devices of the users and the VPN servers. This encryption is a protection for the digital data that is stored on the user devices, or it is carried through the Internet. During this process, the user data is kept private from cyber hackers, surveillance, ISPs or other unwanted third parties. PrivateVPN supports protocols such as IKEv2, IPsec, L2TP, UDP/TCP, and PPTP. In case you are wondering how can you choose a protocol, you can simply download the app and set it up in a way that it automatically chooses a VPN protocol for you that will work the best with your network.


PrivateVPN is quite well known for its user-friendly interface that is very easy to navigate around. In fact, before buying a subscription for this VPN, the company allows you to view the software and decide whether you like it or not. The overall PrivateVPN reviews are positive and mostly mention that the VPN works well, is designed conveniently and is very easy to use.


PrivateVPN puts a lot of emphasis on its performance. It keeps solving all the existing problems and does everything possible to make sure that the VPN performance does not depend on the speed of the Internet. The company has somehow achieved this goal as currently, in contrast to many other VPNs, PrivateVPN works both with public and with private WiFis with the same quality of service.

Ease of use

The PrivateVPN is a very user-friendly and an easy to use option even for complete beginners. It does not require any technical skills, as both the installation and the overall use are very simple.

Customer support

PrivateVPN has a good customers support center and offers multiple ways for contacting its support team. They have a live chat, a system called TeamView that is a remote desktop help, and emails. The customer support usually is responding within 24 hours. On the official PrivateVPN website, you can also find a comprehensive FAQ section that can be helpful in finding answers to your questions.

PrivateVPN Prices and Packages

PrivateVPN offers several plans that have different prices depending on how long you want the plan to last. From time to time, there are some special deals and discounts, which you should check before buying the standard ones. The standard packages and prices are as follows:

One Month Plan

$ 7.76

Three Month Plan

$ 5.25

One Year Plan

$ 3.88

All the plans mentioned above come with PrivateVPN free 24/7 customer support service, apps and unlimited bandwidth with high speed. PrivateVPN also allows its customers to test the VPN for 30 days risk-free and in case one does not like the service the company returns the sum of money that was initially paid for the given subscription plan.

PrivateVPN official website lets people use credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover or Diners Club International), PayPal, and Bitcoins as payment methods for buying the PrivateVPN subscription plan.

PrivateVPN Review Summary

To sum things up, PrivateVPN is recognized as a reputable, safe and a reliable VPN. It does not have an extensive variety of features like some of its competitors; however, instead, it is a good option when it comes to essential features such as privacy, security, and reliability. The VPN does everything possible to protect its users as much as possible and yet tries to maintain its speed independent from external factors, which may potentially slow it down. PrivateVPN is a good option for beginners as it does not require technical skills both while installing and while using the VPN in general. The company offers fair prices to its users and gives advantages, considering the fact that the VPN can be tested beforehand and that the company refunds the customers who do not like the service after using it for one month. PrivateVPN is a low cost yet a very secure VPN that can be a good choice for beginners.

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