NordVPN For Torrenting – Is It Safe?

Is NordVPn safe for torrenting? Find out!

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By Mark Neri Last update on October 31, 2018
NordVPN For Torrenting – Is It Safe?

 Is NordVPN torrenting safe? Find out!

NordVPN is one of the premier VPN, or virtual private network services available today. VPNs are beneficial for users in making their online browsing and network usage truly anonymous. By encrypting traffic, ISP and government monitoring are circumvented. The user’s IP address seen by servers isn’t their true IP address, keeping them safe. And, VPNs even allow users to access geo-restricted content. It should be no surprise, therefore, that using a VPN like NordVPN is rapidly becoming commonplace for many internet users.

When it comes to peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing, most people tend to utilize the BitTorrent protocol, in a process often called torrenting. This can be a bit dodgy with some ISPs, as they like to throttle bandwidth and speed when torrenting. They also tend to be easy targets for litigious copyright holders, which can land you in legal trouble. Not to mention, anyone download from you, or from whom you are downloading, can see your IP information. So, it’s pretty clear that the anonymity and encrypted traffic associated with a VPN is the way to go.

Should You Use NordVPN for Torrenting?

Privacy and anonymity are of the utmost concern to those who use a VPN for torrenting. Speed also matters, since all the privacy in the world is useless if your file transfers slow to a crawl. So how does torrenting on NordVPN stack up? We’ll examine NordVPN’s torrenting features in four distinct categories below – safety and privacy, download speed, server count and locations, and user interface and compatibility.

  • Safety and Privacy

Regarding safety and privacy, NordVPN uses industry-standard AES-256 bit encryption for all network traffic. They even have an option for double encryption if so desired (though at the expense of speed). NordVPN has a stellar reputation, with a very consumer privacy-focused no logging policy on their end. They also offer several connection protocols, and a built-in kill switch, to help prevent accidental leaks of your IP address or DNS information if your connection drops unexpectedly. In short, you don’t need to worry about safety or privacy when using NordVPN for torrenting or any other online activity.

  • Download Speed

Torrenting is very bandwidth-intensive, and download speeds are important. One of the bad things about many VPN services is how badly they hurt your download speed and latency. Perhaps it is unsurprising, then, that NordVPN is among the best VPN providers, as they have one of the highest-speed VPN networks around. On average, most VPNs slow download speeds between 30 and 60%. Top providers like NordVPN perform much better, with download speeds only slowing around 20% overall, and an average of 30 ms additional latency, which is negligible. This means that when torrenting with NordVPN, you’re still able to use the majority of the bandwidth you cater for financially for from your ISP, with the safety, security, anonymity, and privacy of a top-notch VPN service provider.

  • Server Count and Locations

NordVPN has one of the largest networks of servers among top VPN providers. At present, they operate nearly 5,000 servers, spread across 64 countries. This provides ample opportunities for connecting through country-specific servers, to boost potential torrent download speeds and shorten download times. It also gives users a great ability to access non-torrent content that is geo-restricted, such as online streaming services. In many ways, this may alleviate some of the need for torrenting in the first place, giving you streaming access to shows or movies that you would otherwise need to torrent to download.

  • User Interface and Compatibility

Regarding the system interface, NordVPN, like many other leading providers, has kept it simple and straightforward. This is so both tech-savvy users and newbies alike can use the software without issues. You can easily adjust settings from the menu, or change servers, and your current server and IP address are displayed. The client (or app, in the case of phones) is available for numerous operating systems and environments, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Firefox, Chrome, Android TV, and Linux devices.

Torrenting with NordVPN – Does It Keep Logs?

When looking for a VPN to use for torrenting, knowing whether or not the provider keeps logs is incredibly important. The best VPNs for torrenting do NOT keep any logs. This enables them to both keep customers safe from legal action as well as plausibly deny knowing about or being able to trace and link customers to specific actions. One of the reasons that NordVPN has risen to the top of most lists of VPN providers is because it has an outstanding no logging policy. A NordVPN torrent user is protected because no logs are kept on your activities by the company.

NordVPN Torrents– Important Features

For torrenting with NordVPN, there are some useful features to keep you safe and secure. As mentioned previously, there is a double encryption option, for those who are truly security-minded, but it comes at the expense of dramatically reduced speed. The built-in kill switch keeps you safe if your connection drops unexpectedly (a condition that can often reveal IP or DNS information to outside servers if there is no kill switch in place). You can also use TOR over NordVPN for an extra layer of security if desired. And, on a more basic level, some VPNs prohibit P2P file sharing due to the bandwidth consumed, but NordVPN fully supports it – and even has servers optimized specifically for torrenting, as we’ll discuss in the next section.

NordVPN Torrenting – NordVPN Torrent Servers

NordVPN Torrent Servers are a set of hundreds of the servers on their network that are specifically optimized for P2P file sharing like torrenting. They do not throttle or restrict the speeds or use of torrenting or other P2P file sharing software on their network. The specially optimized servers are designed for high-throughput and the many connections inherent in P2P file sharing, without compromising performance – as this is somewhat different than average internet browsing traffic. So, once again, NordVPN torrenting features prove their commitment to user functionality and satisfaction.

Prices and Plans

NordVPN, as one of the top VPN providers, is not free or super-cheap, but nor is it that costly. A considerable pricing criterion is put in place and a couple of extra dollars a month for NordVPN (over some of the lesser-quality providers) is well worth it. At present, they offer a monthly, six month, and yearly plan. All have the same features, though the longer the plan, the lower the effective monthly cost. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose in trying NordVPN for torrenting.

Monthly Plan

$ 11.95

Six-Month Plan

$ 9.00

Yearly Plan

$ 6.99

So, Should You Use NordVPN for Torrenting?

The simple answer – YES! NordVPN is one of the top VPN service providers, period, and this includes torrenting. Using NordVPN for torrenting keeps you safe and secure from other users, litigious companies, ISPs, governments, and bad actors. NordVPN for torrenting offers servers optimized for P2P file sharing, and overall is one of the largest and fastest VPN networks on the planet. With competitive pricing and six devices per account, VPN services from NordVPN are jam-packed with features and quality, without breaking the bank.

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