NordVPN for Kodi usage – is it good?

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By Mark Neri Last update on October 31, 2018
NordVPN for Kodi usage – is it good?

Should you use NordVPN for Kodi?

A virtual private network, also known as VPN, is an extension of the private network across private and public connection which allows users to send and receive data safely. With a VPN a user is able to keep his/her sessions secure and away from third-party entities and influences.

NordVPN is a service vendor based in Panama. It is an all-round VPN that implements exceptional security features and boast a wealth of configuration options. Kodi, on the other hand, is an all-inclusive media player. It advisable, therefore, to leverage both platforms to achieve additional security measures while using Kodi. To use Kodi with NordVPN, a user would have to connect the device that is running it with NordVPN servers. With NordVPN, a user can unblock geo-restricted streaming sites such as Netflix.

In the succeeding paragraphs, we look at in-depth NordVPN for Kodi.

Should you use NordVPN for Kodi?

Kodi is an open source software, meaning that users have the privilege of writing down their own addition to software. Consequently, it is imperative that users protect themselves as these add-ons leave them vulnerable. When choosing a Kodi VPN, essential functionality features are considered. Foremost, speed and safety are the primary ones. Others include server interface, compatibility, server location, and server numbers. In the sequential sections, we exhaustively examine these features.

  • Safety and privacy

NordVPN is renowned VPN that uses high-end tech to fortify your online browsing from third-party entities. For starters, NordVPN does not only offer the three standard security protocols- OpenVPN, PPTP, L2PT but also includes in the package is proxy servers. Interestingly, unlike other service vendors, that offer Socks and proxy only as a paid add-on feature, NordVPN offer these services as part of their paid packages.

Additionally, Tor over VPN utility is also included as well as an auto kill switch. CyberSec is also another functionality feature included essentially to block risky and malicious sites and at the same time allow users to block annoying ads. On the privacy front, the service vendor is located in Panama, a jurisdiction with no data retention laws. Furthermore, it is has a robust position on logging policy. These two features make NordVPN highly recommended for use on Kodi media player.

  • Download speed

Arguably, Kodi NordVPN has displayed good performance in speed tests. Compared with other service providers, it 25% lower which is generally impressive. Fast download speed is immensely significant. As a user you want streaming services to work exceptionally without buffering. Apparently, it usually is known that VPN drops the speed. However, this is not the case with NordVPN as it maintains quite a reliable download speed.

  • NordVPN Kodi Servers location and numbers

NordVPN has over 4000 VPN servers spread across over 62 countries. Their geographical distribution is also top-notch. Besides that NordVPN has servers dedicated for the particular purpose. Such as NordVPN Dedicated IP and Double VPN.

  • User interface +compatibility

NordVPN user interface is easy and straightforward to navigate. For a beginner user, you can always refer to their tutorials.

Kodi withNordVPN – does it keeps logs?

While other VPN service vendors keep user’s logs, NordVPN does not. This is lucidly stated on their website. However, they monitor fewer data. This which includes; Service performance data primarily for recommending convenient servers, user email address, and payment information; though a user could go for Bitcoins.

These data are seemingly nothing a user ought to be wary of as almost all the service providers keep them. NordVPN Kodi is even much better as its payment is not tied to the main company. NordVPN is located in Panama, implying that no one will get hold of your data as the country has no data retention laws. Nevertheless, this is questionable, since when a subscribers’ payments are channeled to a US company, called CloudVPN Inc.

NordVPN Kodi important features

NordVPN for Kodi is characterized by special features. These features include,

  • Killswitch: NordVPN automatically kills your connection if your VPN connectivity is interrupted therefore blocking your device from accessing the internet.
  • Tor over VPN: Routes your traffic through random nodes, allowing you to hide your identity.
  • Anti-DDoS: their servers have this feature to prevent connection interruption.
  • Dedicated IP: A user can order a dedicated IP that is used personally.
  • Double VPN: This feature enables NordVPN to relay your data through two VPN servers, prior to it reaching the site or application you are interested in. This makes your data be encrypted twice. Additionally, the second VPN will not be aware of your original IP address. Consequently allowing you to unblock streaming sites.

NordVPN Kodi servers

NordVPN boasts 4000+ servers, in 62 countries. A good number of this servers support Kodi. These servers are equipped with anti-DDoS which ascertain continuous connection. The high number of servers improves speed. Moreover, the servers are well distributed and come with a dedicated IP.

Kodi with NordVPN – prices & plans.

Pricing of plans is an essential factor to consider when selecting Kodi VPN. NordVPN has fairly priced packages for a user in need of using it with Kodi. NordVPN has four payment plans. Namely;

Monthly Plan

$ 11.95

A monthly plan that goes at $11.95 per month ( $143.4 per year).

6 Month Plan

$ 9.00

A 6-month plan that goes for $9.00 per month ( $108 per year).

Yearly Plan

$ 6.99

A yearly plan that goes for 6.99 per month ( $83.88 per year).

Biannual Plan

$ 3.99

A biannual plan that goes at $3.99 per month (47.88 per year).

Clearly, a user is highly recommended to go for a longer plan.

Moreover, a user can pay for the service anonymously with Bitcoin, or consider other open payment options such as PayPal, Credit card or Ali pay. Once a Kodi user makes a payment, he/she is allowed to download the NordVPN software. All the three plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So, should you use NordVPN for Kodi?

Overall, yes. NordVPN is characterized by features that make it suitable for Kodi. Nonetheless, other service providers hardly offer such functionality features. Therefore a user can go ahead and try Kodi for NordVPN. It is secure and fast, and using it is much easier compared to other providers. Additionally, it is convenient if you have a limited budget.

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