IPVanish for Torrenting—is it Safe?

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By Mark Neri Last update on October 31, 2018
IPVanish for Torrenting—is it Safe?

Torrenting with IPVanish

Nowadays, using the Internet safely is difficult. Your ISP provider keeps tracking your online activities. Copyright activists don’t want you on torrent sites. Universities limit the use of campus WiFi and hackers are always looking for targets. Is it time you got a VPN? American IPVanish is one of the popular names that will be floated around as you look for a good VPN. The provider is particularly common with Torrent users because it supports uninterrupted p2p file sharing.

While some of its competitors prohibit p2p file sharing, IPVanish offers unlimited bandwidth for Torrent users. Its speeds also favor torrent users, with the company’s average download speed exceeding 50Mbps.

Should you use IPVanish for Torrenting?

IPVanish is not alone in supporting Torrenting. But there is more to a provider than declaring its support for peer to peer file sharing. Here are ways the American-based company provides security and convenience to uTorrent users.

  • Safety and Privacy

Like many in the industry, the IPVanish Torrent VPN uses AES-256 to encrypt your data. OpenVPN is the default data tunneling protocol, but you can opt for additional security using PPTP or L2TP. But even with AES-256 and OpenVPN alone, your IP address is protected. Your DNS information is kept safe, and malware is prevented from penetrating your computer.

An additional data encryption tool, SOCKS, is available for people looking for the fastest servers. Like many established providers, IPVanish does not keep logs. What you do with the VPN is private to you.

  • Download Speeds

With average download speeds of 50Mbps in the US, you can stream and torrent efficiently. Surprisingly, the provider has faster connections in Europe and the UK. The average download speeds in most of Europe is 80Mbps, much better than what its competitors offer. In Asia and other parts of the world, the provider is slower but still supports speeds decent enough to stream and download unlimited files.

  • Server Location and Numbers

With 1000+ servers in 60+ countries, IPVanish Torrent servers provide enough options to stream and torrent fast anywhere in the world. Travel to Africa or Brazil, Germany or Japan, the company has close servers that can keep your connections secure.

Like many providers, IPVanish US-based, Europe and UK servers provide the fastest speeds. You can still surf and stream with their servers in other regions. But you will experience a slow-down in speed as your torrent.

  • User Interface + Compatibility

IPVanish offers a customizable interface anyone will find easy to use. Installing the app is as quick as choosing a plan and clicking the ‘download’ icon. Once installed, choose the server location manually or allow the app to choose one for you.

It doesn’t matter what device you use. IPVanish for Torrenting is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. Use your Windows Computer, Mac or smart TV. One license buys you the chance to use a maximum of 10 devices. Most providers average 5 devices.

Torrenting with IPVanish – does it keeps logs?

The company states that your privacy is their priority in the first sentence of their privacy policy page. IPVanish admits they use cookies to collect the data of everyone visiting their website. But data collection ends on their site. IPVanish is a zero logs VPN provider. What you surf or torrent online is your secret. The FBI can’t force them to give out your data because they do not store it. If you are all about privacy, the American vendor is one of the best VPNs for anonymity.

As a torrent user, knowing your VPN doesn’t keep logs is a good thing. The use of torrent sites is illegal in many countries. If you work with a provider that keeps logs, you can easily be traced.

IPVanish Torrenting Important Features

The most important feature of a VPN for torrenting is the ability to shield your IP address. On a typical torrent site, everyone can view your IP address and trace it back to your computer. IPVanish is designed to shield your Internet traffic securely. No one gets to view your real IP address as the VPN links you to an anonymous, shared IP address.

If you want a dedicated IP address, you can get one, but the shared addresses make you more anonymous. An even better way to torrent anonymously is to use Tor together with IPVanish. The Tor network tunnels your Internet traffic through anonymous servers. With the addition of a VPN service, you become virtually untraceable.

IPVanish’s kill-switch makes sure you are safe even when your connection is disrupted. If you choose additional security layers, no hacker can break into your computer. Usually, attackers could get you by sending malware through torrent sites. IPVanish takes care of that as well. The VPN blocks adware and other malicious programs spread on p2p sites.

IPVanish Torrent Servers

IPVanish does not shy away from declaring its support for uTorrent. On a special webpage dedicated to torrent users, the company explains they use SOCKS5 protocol to tunnel your traffic securely as you download files. They are also clear that your speed isn’t throttled and neither is your bandwidth capped.

The company doesn’t specify whether torrent users get dedicated servers. But with the best speeds in the industry, zero logs, and their secure network, IPVanish is great for file downloads. When torrenting on a legal site, the VPN is all you will need to download files safely. With illegal sites, Torrenting with IPVanish plus Tor browser offers better protection. Keep note Tor slows down your download speeds, but it’s still a safe option for people who want to stay safe.

Torrenting with IPVanish – Prices and Plans

Monthly Plan

$ 10

The first plan is a month by month subscription. It costs $10, $2 less than the provider’s price earlier in the year.

Three Months Plan

$ 26.99

For 90 days, you can get the company’s services at a price of $26.99, It’s only $3 less than the monthly plan, but it’s a 25% save.

1 Year Plan

$ 77.99

The company’s best deal is a 1-year plan at a price of $77.99. Compared to the monthly deal, the yearly plan saves you $60.

If you only need a VPN for three months or less, Torrenting IPVanish has a deal for you. For 90 days, you can get the company’s services at a price of $26.99, It’s only $3 less than the monthly plan, but it’s a 25% save. All plans come with a 7-day money back assurance. You can pay with PayPal or credit cards.

So, Should you use IPVanish for Torrenting?

Many VPNs don’t support torrenting due to the legal implications it attracts. IPVanish takes a different course and supports you in p2p file sharing. The company backs their support with the best security protocols. OpenVPN is used by default, and your data is encrypted using AES-256.

Compared to the top 10 most popular VPNs, IPVanish ranks at the top in speed. The provider’s average download speeds in Europe and the US is 50Mbps. In some countries, the speeds reach 80Mbps, the fastest in the industry. Additionally, your downloading activities are not interfered with.

Download files with no limitations on bandwidth. Stay protected as your IP address is shielded. The company does not keep any logs, and their customer support is good.

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