The Best VPN For iPad in 2018

Discover the best VPN for iPad

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By Mark Neri Last update on October 28, 2018
The Best VPN For iPad in 2018

The Best iPad VPN

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are internet services that many consumers now use to browse the internet with anonymity and privacy. These services utilize powerful encryption to secure traffic between your device and the VPN server, and then give you an outbound IP address from their server pool. This keeps your true IP address hidden. It also means your traffic cannot be monitored by your ISP or government agencies and makes your connection more secure from the many bad actors that they could be prone to. Finally, these services allow you to change the country of your outbound IP address, meaning you can access geo-restricted content more easily.

Most of these services offer clients or apps that work on many different operating systems, including the iOS operating system on which iPad devices run. In this article, we’ll specifically be looking at some of the top VPN service providers who support iOS apps and trying to help consumers determine the best VPN for iPad use.

The Best VPNs for iPad

Just because a VPN provider is well-reviewed for general use does not mean that it is one of the best VPNs for iPad. For a start, it needs to have a good app that works on iOS to even qualify as a VPN for iPad. We’ll examine 7 iPad VPN providers on this and all other characteristics in more detail below.


Starting at $2.95/Month

Get NordVPN

NordVPN is consistently near the top of the list in all categories for VPN providers. Founded in 2008, they are based in Panama. They boast one of the largest server networks regarding some servers, with almost 5,000 in 64 countries. NordVPN cares about privacy, too, with one of the best no-logging policies in the business. You can have up to 6 devices per account, which is perfect for a VPN for iPad – you can cover your iPad, a laptop or desktop computer, a phone, and still have room to add more devices.

Like all top VPNs, they use AES-256 encryption and offer many connection protocol options. They fully support Netflix unblocking and video streaming. NordVPN has a simple-to-use app that is fully supported on iOS devices. Perhaps most importantly, the speed is good to excellent, with only around 30 ms additional ping time, and around a 20% hit to total download speed, neither of which should be noticeable for video streaming, downloading apps, or other typical iPad tasks.

  • One of the largest server networks around, with good to excellent speed.
  • No logging, lots of additional privacy and protection options.
  • Very easy-to-use software for iOS and all other major operating systems.
  • Good customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Express VPN

Starting at $8.32/Month

Get ExpressVPN

Most people looking for a VPN service usually see NordVPN and ExpressVPN near the top of the list, and this is for a good reason. ExpressVPN is arguably one of the best providers around today. Founded in 2009, they operate out of the British Virgin Islands. They have a large geographic presence, as well as a large server network, with over 2,000 in 94 countries globally. Their app for iPad devices is very easy to use regardless of users’ level of tech expertise, which is always a plus when looking for the best VPN for iPad. They don’t keep logs and use standard AES-256 bit encryption.

Regarding devices, they are a bit more limited than NordVPN, offering only three connected devices per account – but that’s still enough to cover your iPad, a phone, and a computer without any issues. Netflix unblocking and streaming are fully supported, and ExpressVPN has one of the highest speed networks around. On average, only 20-30 ms is added to latency, and download speeds take no more than a 15% hit, one of the best benchmarks in the industry.

  • Very high-speed network with wide geographic reach.
  • Great customer support including 24/7 live chat.
  • Easy-to-use software for iOS and other OSes that doesn’t hog system resources.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Vypr VPN

Starting at $9.95/Month

Get Vypr VPN

VyprVPN is possessed and run by Golden Frog, which was founded in 1994 focusing on internet privacy. They are based in Switzerland, with about 700 servers in 70 countries. They use the same standard encryption as everyone else and have simple, straightforward clients/apps for major operating systems, including iOS. Unlike our prior two entries, though, they do have some logging, so privacy die-hards need to be careful.

They offer two different paid plans, one which covers three devices, and one which covers five devices, with a few extra features thrown in. They fully support video streaming and Netflix unblocking (although the reliability of unblocking is not the greatest). Both plans come with unlimited bandwidth, at relatively high speeds, with an average 40 ms added to ping, and download speeds taking a 20 to 25% hit, which is not bad at all.

  • Reasonable prices, server counts, and country options.
  • Speeds are also quite reasonable.
  • Clients and apps are easy-to-use, including for iPad.

IpVanish VPN

Starting at $10/Month

Get IpVanish VPN

IPVanish is one of the most advanced VPN service provider in the business, founded in 1999. They are based in the US, which is a turn-off for some die-hard privacy advocates. IPVanish has over 1,000 servers in 60 countries, using standard AES-256 encryption. Like most of the top providers, they keep no logs and have no bandwidth caps either. They have apps for major platforms, including iOS, so they will fully work as an iPad VPN.

While streaming and Netflix unblocking are supported, the Netflix unblocking is spotty in reliability. However, each account gives you up to ten devices, which is far more generous than most. Speed is very good as well, with about 30 ms added to ping, and only a 15-20% hit to download speeds, comparable to the top dogs in the industry.

  • A good number of servers in a good base of countries.
  • On the faster side, comparable with top-tier providers.
  • Lots of additional features and frills.
  • Generous device limit of 10 per account.

Windscribe VPN

Starting at $9/Month

Get Windscribe VPN

WindScribe is a Canadian-based company that offers both free VPN options (with bandwidth caps and other limitations), as well as a full, unlimited paid option. They have around 500 servers in 51 countries and use standard encryption like everyone else. They also maintain a no-logging policy. Their app/client is very easy-to-use (though, perplexingly, they only mention iPhone on their website, rather than the correct iOS, which would include iPad as well).

They offer dedicated Windflix servers for unblocking Netflix and support other video streaming services as well. The free plan may not be the best choice for an iPad VPN, especially if you do streaming, as it caps out at 10 GB/month. Paid plans are unlimited. Speed is “ok”, on the border of being problematic, with 80-100 ms ping time added, and around a 50% hit to overall download speed. However, paid plans offer unlimited devices connected, and the service is one of the lowest regarding price.

  • Free plan, though highly limited, along with unlimited paid plans.
  • Very affordable compared to many competitors.
  • Netflix unblocking and streaming supported.
  • Unlimited devices per account on paid plans.

Proton VPN

Starting at $4/Month

Get Proton VPN

ProtonVPN is from the same group that created the secure, encrypted ProtonMail service. Based in Switzerland, they offer 270 servers in 25 countries at present. They present a gratuitous plan, as well as two tiers of VPN services (and another that adds in the ProtonMail Visionary package). ProtonVPN keeps no logs and utilizes standard encryption. Streaming and Netflix unblocking are supported, though the service is spotty on success in this regard, like many smaller network VPN providers these days.

There are some other drawbacks regarding using this as a VPN for iPad, including no native iOS client or app. This means that for iPad use, you have to configure a third-party OpenVPN app, which can be a hassle, more so for those who are not super tech-savvy. The speed on paid plans is not great, either, adding around 60 ms ping time and 40-50% download speed decreases in testing. The number of devices and other additional features scale based on the plan, from 1 to 10.

Key positive points include:

  • Strong security-focused company with a proven track record
  • Good customer support
  • Multiple plan options based on features and needs

TunnelBear VPN

Starting at $9.99/Month

Get TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear is based in Canada and was founded in 2011. They offer a free plan (with a 500 MB monthly data cap), as well as paid options. They are one of the smaller providers on our list, with 20 countries (and the number of servers is undeclared). TunnelBear keeps no logs and is dedicated to security, with standard encryption but a lot of extra features, and a third-party audited security report (a rarity in the VPN business).

They natively support iOS devices with their client, so there’s no issue with using them as an iPad VPN. It allows up to five devices per account connected simultaneously. Speeds are not the greatest, however, and though ping time only increases around 30-40 ms, download speed takes a 40 to 50% hit. Perhaps most importantly, while streaming and Netflix unblocking are supported, this service has less success than most of the others we’ve tried for unblocking, effectively not working at all at sometimes.

  • Secure and third-party audited with no logging.
  • Prices are reasonable.
  • Easy-to-use application with a fun and simple interface.

What Makes the Best VPN for iPad?

When trying to find the best VPN for iPad, you need to consider several of the features or aspects of the VPNs discussed above. For a start, they must fully support iOS, with a simple, easy-to-use VPN app for iPad that doesn’t hog system resources. Next, the VPN must provide high-speed access – security is useless if your browsing speeds slow to a crawl. Then, good VPNs need to support Netflix unblocking and fully support streaming, since video streaming is a typical activity on iPads.

Finally, privacy, security, reputation, and customer support need to be considered, alongside the price of the service and how many devices it protects. Combined, this information provides the most accurate picture of how good (or bad) a particular VPN service may be for iPad users and reveals which are the best iPad VPN options.

Best iPad VPN – Summary

It’s no contest among these seven contenders – NordVPN and ExpressVPN are the best VPNs for iPad users. They offer easy-to-use apps that are sleek (and small), with extensive server networks and high speeds. They both support Netflix unblocking and video-streaming, and when coupled with the number of countries and overall speeds of the services, are hard to beat. They both have stellar no-logging policies, use standard encryption, and offer advanced safety and security features. Likewise, both have good reputations and offer excellent customer support with multiple options for fixing any problems that may arise. While they may be more expensive than some of the other choices on this list, they are well worth the extra cost when looking for the best VPN for iPad.

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