The Best India VPN in 2018

Which VPN is the best India VPN choice in 2018?

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By Mark Neri Last update on October 28, 2018
The Best India VPN in 2018

The Best VPN For India

VPNs, or virtual private networks, allow consumers to browse the internet or use internet services free from restriction. By encrypting traffic between the user and the VPN provider, ISPs and government censors cannot monitor the traffic. The IP address of the user is obscured, as an outward-facing IP is assigned from the VPN provider’s pool. At the same time, users can get around government censoring or geo-restricted content blocks, by using VPN servers located in other countries around the world. This can also help with ISP restrictions on speed (throttling) and similar impediments to free and open internet for all.

Many people find VPNs vital, both at home and abroad. India is no exception. Bypassing censorship or blocks on websites, allowing full access to business-related e-mail and other services, getting around geo-restrictions on content, and being able to access unbiased information on human rights issues and similar are all possible with a VPN.

Why Do You Need a VPN for India?

Whether you live in India or are a tourist, it can be very beneficial to have a VPN service by your side. A VPN for India can give you free, unfettered access to the world of the internet. Recent studies by some top ISP web-blocking firms have shown that India, amongst ten countries surveyed, had some of the highest rates of IP, DNS, and related blocking. What’s more, in a lot of cases, no information was provided – merely a time-out message was received by the user, so they didn’t even know there was a block.

Many of these blocks are placed on websites that are fully legal and part of normal internet life for a lot of people, and not limited only to torrent or pornography sites. Many belong to non-profits, NGOs, musicians or entertainment industry sites, and similar (in addition to several hundred pornography, torrent, and other sites). Past big-name sites that have had blocks, at least temporarily, include Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Vimeo, various domain hosting organizations, Twitter, BlogSpot, WordPress, Wikipedia, Times of India, Telegraph (UK), GitHub, the Internet Archive, and many others.

Nevertheless, whatever the reason for blocking sites, an India VPN can help allow full internet access while within India. It can help protect citizens from government monitoring, too, allowing them to be free of fear of consequences for accessing so-called banned or illegal sites and materials.

The Best VPNs for India

Below we put 6 of the top VPNs to the test, to see which hold up as the best India VPN providers.

Express VPN

Starting at $8.32/Month

Get ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a leader in VPN services, founded in 2009 and based in the British Virgin Islands. They are committed to customer privacy and service, keeping no logs, and using standard AES-256 bit encryption. With over 2,000 servers in 148 locations in 94 countries, they have a massive global reach, which is perfect for anyone looking to get around geo-restrictions as a VPN for India. Their software is easy to use, with apps and clients for all popular operating systems. Up to 3 devices can be connected simultaneously per account. As for speed, they’re one of the fastest around, with only about a 15% decrease in total download speed. And they fully support torrenting, Netflix unblocking, and video streaming.

Key positive points include:

  • Boasts of being among the fastest networks of any VPN.
  • Servers in 94 countries, one of the most diverse networks.
  • Torrenting and Netflix/streaming support.
  • Secure and reliable.


Starting at $2.95/Month

Get NordVPN

NordVPN is relatively comparable to ExpressVPN regarding features and quality. Founded in 2008, and based in Panama, they offer one of the largest server networks around, with almost 5,000 servers in 64 countries. They have one of the best no-logging policies in the industry, too. Standard encryption and multiple protocols are used, and there’s even a double-encryption option available for ultimate security (though at the cost of speed). It allows up to six devices connected. Speed is nearly as good as ExpressVPN, with only a 20% or so hit to total download speed. Netflix unblocking and torrenting are fully supported, with servers specifically optimized for P2P file sharing, and the client is quite easy to use.

Key positive points include:

  • One of the largest server networks around.
  • Great privacy and security, with one of the best no-logging policies.
  • Speed is good to excellent.
  • Torrenting, Netflix unblocking, and streaming are all supported.

Vypr VPN

Starting at $9.95/Month

Get Vypr VPN

VyprVPN is possessed and run by Golden Frog, which was founded in 1994, and is based in Switzerland. Currently, VyprVPN has 700 servers in 70 countries. The use of standard encryption and offer a simple, easy-to-use client. However, they do have some logging, which might be a concern when looking for a VPN for India. They offer a three device plan and a five device plan with some other benefits. Speed is decent, at 20-25% hit to download speed only. Netflix and streaming are supported, and work on many of the servers. While torrenting and P2P are allowed, the company does receive and respond to takedown and copyright infringement notices and will suspend your account if you are illegally sharing content, so that’s negative.

Key positive points include:

  • A reasonable number of servers in many countries.
  • Speeds are pretty decent.
  • Plans, options, and features are also reasonable and easy-to-use.

IpVanish VPN

Starting at $10/Month

Get IpVanish VPN

IPVanish was founded in 1999 and is based in the US. At present, they boast 1,000+ servers in 60 countries. They keep no logs, and there are no bandwidth caps or limitations. Each account can have up to 10 devices. Speed is pretty good, with 15 to 20% download speed reductions only. All of these are important aspects for a good India VPN. Netflix is supported and works on some of the servers, though can be a bit spotty. Torrenting is fully supported as well.

Key positive points include:

  • Good mid-range VPN with the large server network.
  • Fairly high speed, on par with top-tier VPN services.
  • Lots of additional features and frills available.
  • Netflix unblocking, streaming, and torrenting support. VPN

Starting at $9.95/Month

Get VPN was founded in 2012 and operates out of Malaysia. They offer a free VPN option with a bandwidth cap, and also paid plans. They have two kinds of paid plans, which make them somewhat unique. First, there’s a 75 GB/month plan that supports one device. Then, for those who need more, there’s an unlimited plan that supports up to 5 devices. They have around 150 servers in 34 countries, using standard encryption. They don’t have any logging and offer advanced features for security. Netflix is supported, but doesn’t work on most of the servers (they can’t overcome the Netflix bans with such a small server base). Other streaming is supported, as is torrenting. However, a deal-breaker for many who need to use as a VPN for India, the speed takes a big hit, with 60-75% download speed decrease over no VPN.

Key positive points include:

  • Variety of free and paid plan options.
  • No logging, and advanced features for extra protection.
  • Torrenting, Netflix, and streaming supported (though Netflix is hit or miss).

Cyberghost VPN

Starting at $11.99/Month

Get CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is a VPN provider based in Romania. They have around 2,700 servers in 60 countries and offer advanced configurable software that is still easy-to-use. Standard encryption is the norm, and up to 7 devices can be connected per account, with a strict no-logging policy. The interface is easy-to-use and friendly, and both torrenting and Netflix/other streaming services are fully supported. The only downsides are a relatively slow speed compared to the top-tier options, with 40-50% download speed hits, and some weak customer support, but prices and features are appealing, making this a viable VPN for India.

Key positive points include:

  • Lower cost than some of the top-tier alternatives.
  • Good server and geographic base.
  • Standard features and a good interface.
  • Torrenting and Netflix/streaming are fully supported.

What Makes the Best VPN for India?

The best VPN for India needs to offer standard features and technology, be secure and reliable, with high-speed access, a large base of locations and servers, and, ideally, be easy to use. At the same time, now-standard features such as supporting torrenting and video streaming are incredibly important, since those are some of the things that have been blocked and banned in the past in India. And, like all services, the price needs to be reasonable for the service, regarding comparison to competitors and for the features/level of service you receive.

Why are Sites Blocked in India?

As earlier seen some sites have been blocked or remain blocked in India. There’s not much rhyme or reason to it from the outside, and it mostly stems from either court orders or selective enforcement, often based on entertainment companies with deep pockets seeking to stem piracy through brute force, or due to politicians and political ideology differences. And some blockages are merely the result of heavy-handed attempts to filter by IP or DNS, which can cause a lot of collateral damage to otherwise acceptable sites.

Is It Legal to Use a VPN in India?

At present, there is no law prohibiting the use of a VPN in India. So long as you are using the VPN for otherwise legal activities, and not using it to commit crimes, then there is no ban on using an India VPN. As always, though, laws around technology are fluid and subject to change, but this information was confirmed accurate as of the time of publishing this review.

Best India VPN in 2018 – Summary

In all of the above in considerations, the best India VPN options are ExpressVPN and NordVPN. These two leaders offer all the features and security necessary while maintaining high-speed servers in many countries. They offer torrenting and streaming, which as we said is extremely important since many torrent sites are often on the ban list in India. These companies are dedicated to the privacy of their users, with no-logging policies, and provide reliable, high-speed service, easy-to-use interfaces, and great performance.

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