Hotspot Shield VPN for Kodi – is it good?

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By Mark Neri Last update on October 28, 2018
Hotspot Shield VPN for Kodi – is it good?

Using Hotspot Shield VPN with Kodi

The contemporary VPNs are far more than just unblocking geo-restricted sites. They provide users with a secure tunnel, while looking after their privacy, security, and boosting performance, especially when streaming high-quality online content. Kodi is an immensely popular media player application designed for entertainment enthusiasts. The Kodi service proffers access to a variety of TV shows, music, movies, games, sports, and much more.

A VPN protected Kodi experience, especially the Hotspot Shield VPN for Kodi, encrypts all your online traffic and conceals it from your ISP to access. Kodi VPN enables you to access different servers anonymously and bypass any online censorship in addition to accessing geo-restricted content. Finally, the Hotspot Shield VPN Kodi users in the U.S., for example, may get early access to a certain game released at midnight by connecting to some Asia server.

Should you use Hotspot Shield for Kodi?

Using Kodi with Hotspot Shield is a big ‘YES,’ and this claim is supported by a lot of good reasons. All you need to do is to map the most critical features of the Hotspot Shield VPN with the Kodi requirements. Find out below about precise parameters of the subject VPN and their relevance with Kodi.

Safety and Privacy

Although not much vulnerable, the safety and privacy of Hotspot Shield is somehow questionable. There have been allegations that the service employs tracking code to get information about the users, which they sell to advertisers. This is evident in various studies conducted about the VPN. The studies also reveal that the VPN frequently redirects their users to specific affiliate networks, consequently generating money from the purchases that users make. Nevertheless, logging policy brings great assurance by confirming that all logs are cleared once the user disconnects from VPN.

Download Speed

The download speed is a treat for all Kodi Hotspot Shield VPN users. Hotspot Shield in terms of download speed is second to none, and that has been proved through multiple tests conducted. On average, you get an excellent download speed of around 90 Mbps through a majority of its servers. Only U.S. servers are a bit slow with an average download speed of 90 Mbps.

Server Location and Numbers

The VPN service has more than 2,000 servers distributed across 25 countries. All the locations are in high-demand for over 650 million users of the VPN service from different parts of the world.

User Interface & Compatibility

Installing the software is just a 2-minute simple process. Once done, you can easily utilize the dashboard for adjusting your preferable settings and VPN location with utmost convenience. Kodi is compatible with multiple devices including, iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV, and Window Mobile. Free users can connect 1 device, while premium users can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.

Kodi with Hotspot Shield VPN – Does it keep logs?

Keeping logs is one of the most unwanted features in a VPN, especially when your privacy and online safety is of highest concern. Unfortunately, Hotspot Shield does keep logs, but only till your VPN session expires. There has been news that the subject VPN keeps logs to forward your information to advertising agencies and the company is making huge profits through it.

The genuine Hotspot Shield VPN Kodi users, do compromise on this drawback, as they get connected to the lightning-quick Hotspot Shield Kodi Servers. However, users having privacy and online security as their topmost priority should look for an alternative.

Hotspot Shield VPN Kodi Important Features

The Hotspot Shield VPN comes with anti-DDoS protection. This means that you will be protected from accidentally hitting any server which is not in the Hotspot Shield network. The VPN is Kill-switch enabled, which automatically disconnects your internet, once your VPN session suffers disconnections.

A number of other great features of the service includes unlimited bandwidth, Wi-Fi security, private browsing, malware protection, personal data security, unlimited content access and seamless user experience with an ad-free service. However, on the other side of the coin, the service does not offer Double VPN as well as any static/ dedicated IPs to users.

Hotspot Shield Kodi Servers

The VPN service has got a good number of servers placed in strategic locations worldwide. The most popular ones are in Amsterdam (European Union), Hong Kong (Asia), London (United Kingdom) and New York (United States). All these servers are compatible with Kodi. The best one is their London server with a download speed of 95 Mbps.

EU server in Amsterdam is marginally behind with a magnificent download speed of 92 Mbps. Then the Asian server in Hong Kong gives a download speed of 80 Mbps. The U.S. server is a bit of a disappointment, which gives an average download speed of 28 Mbps.

Kodi with Hotspot Shield – Prices & Plans

Monthly Plan

$ 12.99

The monthly plan cost $12.99, which surely is on the higher side.

Semi-Annually Plan

$ 8.99

Semi-annually plan is also available and will cost you $8.99 a month which cumulatively makes a total of $53.94 for 6 months.

Yearly Plan

$ 5.99

The best choice is their yearly plan, where the monthly price will be only $5.99, making a total yearly cost of $71.88. Moreover, the service does have a free plan that comes with capped bandwidth and only 1 device to be connected.

So, Should you use Hotspot Shield VPN for Kodi?

If your primary need is to have a VPN granting you fast and reliable access to Kodi, then Hotspot Shield is your best bet. It has the most lightning-quick servers in Asia, EU, and the UK, which provides a bandwidth of nearly 90 Mbps on average. The prices over the yearly plan are affordable and allows you to connect 5 devices simultaneously. The users just need to beware of their logging policy as they do keep logs for the entire duration of your VPN session and discards them later.

Thanks for reading this and if this was worth your time then do get back again for some for useful content on VPNs.

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