HideMyAss VPN for Kodi – is it good?

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By Mark Neri Last update on October 28, 2018
HideMyAss VPN for Kodi – is it good?

Using HideMyAss VPN with Kodi Review & Guide

Kodi, previously known as XBMC (Xbox Media Center) is a free software that acts as a media center for all of your favorite games, movies, music, and pictures. Developed in the year 2003, it is one of the best streaming platforms. However as much as we love Kodi, we would accept that it comes with certain security flaws. Because of this, you should use a trusted VPN to thwart security issues, and people can take maximum benefit of the geo-restricted add-ons. HideMyAss for Kodi is one of the most popular VPN available in the market currently with over 120000 IP addresses. In this article, we are going to explain how you can enjoy Kodi with HideMyAss.

Should you use HideMyAss VPN Kodi?

Before buying a VPN for Kodi, you need to pay attention to some significant facts. We have brought for you some critical parameters that need to be checked carefully while buying a VPN and find out whether Kodi HideMyAss VPN fulfills your requirements;

Safety and privacy

People who use Kodi are vulnerable to copyright infringements. Presently countries like USA and UK, impose heavy jail terms for copyright infringements with 10 years’ imprisonment. Fundamentally, a VPN that does not provide any privacy is useless. Lack of privacy is the problem with most of the free VPN networks.

Here is where HideMyAss VPN play into action. It provides you with much-needed anonymity and lets you access the Kodi streams and add-ons without any hassles. After using this VPN, hackers or your internet service provider or any legal authority cannot be able to track your internet activities.

Download speed

Download speed is an important factor as no one wants a VPN that can slow down their connection or is just not fast enough. HideMyAss is indeed fast enough. According to various speed tests, its average download speed is 30.37 Mb/s whereas its fastest speed is 180.7 Mb/s

Server location and numbers

You can enjoy a better streaming performance when a VPN has more servers. The VPN should have numerous high-speed servers so that one can stream content without any hassles and delay. HideMyAss has more than 720 VPN servers positioned over 280 locations and spread over 190 countries. This implies you will stream your favorite Kodi content easily and quickly.

User interface & compatibility

The VPN should be user-friendly and compatible with most of your devices. If a VPN comes with complex instructions, then the whole process of installation will be hard to manage. HideMyAss VPN Kodi comes with detailed easy to follow installations manuals and video tutorials and is compatible with Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux, and much more.

Kodi with HideMyAss – does it keep logs?

Logs are one of the most important features that need your proper attention. Does your VPN keep your logs? By recording your logs, it saves your online activities, and as a result, you become vulnerable. Your actions are easily traceable by the police and other government agencies, who are into tracking copyright violations. HideMyAss is a UK based company where it is mandatory for VPN companies to record your logs for a certain period. According to the new Investigatory Powers Act, the companies need to keep the logs for at least 12 months.

HideMyAss Kodi important features

  • Easy user interface – Kodi with HideMyAss probably has the most comfortable user interface, which anybody can master quickly. After installing the VPN, you will get 3 choices for the connection, and they are, instant mode, location mode, and freedom mode. When you opt for instant mode, it will connect you with the fastest and nearest server. In the location mode, you will be prompted to select the location as per your choice. In the third option, the VPN automatically connect you with the nearest server that offers unrestricted free speech rights. Freedom mode includes many countries, including Canada practicing relaxed copyright laws.
  • Encryption level – HideMyAss uses cipher AES 256 bit encryption for its network. Presently, it is one of the most secure encryption methods available in the world. You cannot hack it, and most government agencies use it to encrypt their online data.
  • IP shuffling – The feature changes your IP address randomly when you are online. It is a great tool to confuse hackers or anyone who is watching your online activities. It has the features to set the IP address changes on a daily basis or even every hour.
  • Killswitch – The new version of Hide My Ass comes with a killswitch which ensures that if your VPN stops working for any reason, your internet connection will automatically get disengaged. It will help to prevent you from being invisible when you are not in action.

HideMyAss Kodi servers

As aforementioned, HideMyAss has more than 720 VPN servers in 280 locations spread over 190 countries. HideMyAss got the largest server network amongst all other VPN providers. There is no particular server for Kodi under HideMyAss VPN, but frankly speaking, it isn’t required too.

The HideMyAss Kodi servers are compatible with Kodi and do a great job at providing smooth and uninterrupted content streaming. As already mentioned above, the average downloading speed on HideMyAss Kodi server is 30.37 Mb/s which is pretty impressive.

HideMyAss For Kodi – Plans & Prices

HideMyAss VPN Kodi comes with a 30 days money back guarantee and allows users to cancel the subscription anytime within a month without any explanations. Besides, HideMyAss also offers a free 30 day trial for prospective subscribers who wanted to experience its capabilities.

1 Month Plan

$ 11.99

12 Month Plan

$ 6.99

6 Month Plan

$ 7.99

So? Should you use HideMyAss Kodi?

Considering various positive features, HideMyAss is the best suitable VPN for Kodi offering seamless entertainment activities with features to bypass territory restrictions. Streaming Kodi without using a good VPN could endanger your privacy and security, but using HideMyAss VPN for Kodi can eliminate these shortfalls and save you from possible copyright violation issues. It protects traffic leak and save you from vulnerable IP exposure threats, resists any possible crash and server network congestion due to slow speed issues.

Since the VPN encryption anonymizes your online activities, no third parties including your internet service provider would be able to track your online actions. You can have access to blocked Kodi add-ons as you have the options to get linked to another VPN server not located in the restricted territory. It will let you bypass the geo-location restriction.  Privacy and security are not a problem with HideMyAss for Kodi.

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