Hide.me VPN For Kodi – is it good?

Can you use Kodi with Hide.me VPN?

Mark Neri
By Mark Neri Last update on October 31, 2018
Hide.me VPN For Kodi – is it good?

Should you use Kodi with Hide.me VPN?

By now, most people know what VPNs are – service providers that allow you to browse the internet and related online services with full privacy, security, and anonymity. They encrypt your traffic, allowing you to avoid government or ISP censors or throttling of specific types of traffic. They obscure your IP address, so destination servers can’t trace back to the real “you” online. And, they allow you to bypass geo-restrictions or censorship on content. All of this usually is available at a relatively low monthly fee.

At the same time as VPNs have become popular, “cord-cutting” programs that enable people to get rid of cable or satellite television have also become more and more popular. One of the most popular of these media center apps is Kodi. Essentially, this piece of software can be installed on various computers, phones, gaming consoles, and stand-alone devices like smart TVs, or a Raspberry Pi, and used as a media center, with add-ons to get live TV, movies, music, and more in one place, and accessible from any screen in your home. Naturally, as some of this use may involve bypassing geo-restrictions or using P2P/file sharing-based content, a VPN can be an essential part of using a device with Kodi.

Hide.me for Kodi – is it good?

Hide.me is a popular VPN service provider. But is the Hide.me service ideal for use with Kodi? That’s what we’re going to explore in this article! When using a Kodi device, it’s important that you have speed (for good streaming), no bandwidth caps or throttling, the ability to bypass geo-restrictions on content, and good security and privacy (as ISPs may otherwise throttle access to some content, or you may expose yourself to danger via file sharing). So, let’s take a closer look at Hide.me and how it stacks up for Kodi use on each of these criteria.

  • Safety and Privacy

The Hide.me VPN service uses industry-standard AES-256 bit encryption for traffic, which is basically unbreakable. The service also has a built-in kill switch, which protects against your IP or DNS information leaking in the event of a sudden loss of your connection. The company is based in Malaysia, which is a favorable jurisdiction for a VPN provider to be located (away from major intelligence agencies and outside the reach of litigious copyright holders).

It also helps as there are no mandatory data retention laws in Malaysia. Hide.me goes above and beyond some other VPNs, providing a number of features in the software aimed at being proactive to prevent data leaks. They have a no-logging policy, too, which is essential for anyone looking to use Hide.me for Kodi.

  • Speed

Connection speed is one of the biggest requirements for using a VPN with Kodi. All the security and safety in the world doesn’t matter much if you can’t stream and download the content you want in a reasonable timeframe, without heavy buffering or issues. Hide.me presents only around a 40 to 60 ms additional latency, which is generally acceptable. However, download speeds can take a big hit, as much as 60-70% in some cases, which is not ideal.

The performance seems to vary significantly based on server, however, with some test cases seeing only 30% download speed hits, which is much more in line with what we’d expect.

  • Server Locations and Quantity

Unfortunately, Hide.me is one of the smaller VPN providers around, with a correspondingly small server count. They have only around 150 servers in 34 countries. However, with that said, the company makes clear that all servers are in high-speed data centers, and that counts aren’t everything – ultimately, the geographic diversity is decent, and the small count seems to have no impact on speed. The only downside here is if you are using Hide.me with Kodi and intending to use geo-unblocking of Netflix through the VPN, it’s a bit spotty and unreliable, likely due to the small number of servers available.

  • User Interface and Compatibility

Like a lot of VPN providers, the user interface of the software client/app is really pretty simple and straightforward. It’s designed, as the company says so that you don’t need to be a tech genius in order to use it. But, there are also a lot of good features in there to keep you safe and secure. It’s ideal for devices running Kodi, as it is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux, which are all Operating Systems that Kodi can run on.

Kodi with Hide.me – Does It Keep Logs?

A lot of people who may be using Kodi, and looking to use a VPN like Hide.me for Kodi, want to ensure that their traffic isn’t being logged. This is one of the main reasons people like to use a VPN – to bypass potential nuisance suits from the very litigious groups that represent musicians and major film studios. Fortunately, Hide.me has a very clear and straightforward “no logging” policy, both by company philosophy and by the nature of their jurisdiction. So, those who are looking to use Hide.me for Kodi can breathe easy – there are no logs retained here!

Hide.me Kodi Important Features

In addition to the lack of logs, good speeds, and standard encryption, it’s important to look at what other features the Hide.me VPN service offers for Kodi users. As mentioned previously, there is a kill switch built in to Hide.me, preventing your IP and DNS info from leaking when connections drop. At the same time, Hide.me has additional protection in the software, to pro-actively prevent information from leaking. Further, they fully support P2P file sharing and even include a SOCKS5 proxy specifically for this purpose.

You can also set up port-forwarding on the paid plans, and choose a fixed IP if desired on the top-tier plan, meaning everything you need for torrenting your favorite movies or TV shows to your Kodi device is here in the Hide.me service.

Hide.me Kodi Servers

For Kodi, Hide.me VPN servers are all perfectly viable. They do not segregate certain servers for torrenting or P2P file sharing, nor for streaming. So, as long as you have the client installed, you’re good to go with any Kodi device, on any of the 150+ servers in the Hide.me network. There are no restrictions and no bandwidth caps on any of the paid plans. As discussed before, however, depending on your location, overall traffic, and other factors, the download speed, and reliable streaming, you can obtain on one server vs. the next can be highly variable, more so than with some of the larger VPN providers around.

Kodi with Hide.me Prices and Plans

Hide.me offers a free plan that you can use as a trial of the service, but be warned – it comes with a limited monthly bandwidth cap and only allows a few server options for connection. The two paid plan options are a mid-tier, with a 75 GB/month bandwidth cap and 1 device, or the top-tier plan, which has no bandwidth cap, access to the full range of servers, and supports up to 5 devices.

Plus Plan

$ 9.95

The mid-tier plan, also called the Plus Plan, is available monthly for $9.95 ($9.95/month), 6 months for $39.95 ($6.65/month), or yearly for $59.95 ($4.99/month)

Premium Plan

$ 19.95

The top-tier plan, also called the Premium Plan, is available monthly for $19.95 ($19.95/month), 6 months for $79.95 ($13.32/month), or yearly for $119.95 ($9.99/month).

So, Should You Use Hide.me for Kodi?

Put simply; Hide .me offers all the features you need for a good VPN for Kodi. Using Kodi with Hide.me will keep you protected online, with access to the streaming and P2P file sharing options you need to fill your media library. The only note of caution is on speeds, which can be problematic sometimes. But, if you find yourself with slow download speeds or buffering, just switch servers – there are over 150 to choose from – and you should be fine!

Thanks for reading our Hide.me VPN for Kodi review. Keep checking our site frequently for more information on great VPN services!

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