Getflix VPN Review 2018

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By Mark Neri Last update on October 29, 2018
Getflix VPN Review 2018

What is Getflix?

Getflix is an Australia-based company started to secure users’ connections and enable subscribers to access streaming services. The company’s owners are based in Turkey, but the popular provider serves millions of users from around the world. The company’s name may make you think it’s the best provider for unblocking Netflix. Far from it, Getflix supports all major streaming services but has problems unblocking Netflix in many areas.

Since it was launched to enable video streaming, Getflix is highly popular among video gamers and YouTubers. While some VPNs throttle speed for gamers, the Australia-based provider is super-fast.  Think of any gaming app and Getflix can help you access it. But is streaming all the provider does?

Getflix Specifications

Like most VPNs, Getflix is available on all major platforms. From iOS devices to Android, Windows, smart TVs, game consoles and Roku, the provider serves everyone. Since the company’s main service is to provide DNS protection, their servers are limited. Getflix only has 91 servers located in 39 countries.

Your internet traffic is rerouted with DNS and secured with an optional, free Getflix VPN plan. There is no bandwidth limitation when using Getflix services. Their goal is to enable streaming services after all.

Is Getflix safe? Privacy & Encryption

While their VPN is optional to all subscribers, it provides great protection. Your data is encrypted with the industry standard bit-256 encryption, and your Internet is tunneled to streaming sites using OpenVPN. The company does not keep logs and supports torrenting. That’s pretty everything you need in a good provider.

Many VPNs are vulnerable and leak your data and DNS data. Getflix uses DNS to keep your data secure as you access any content online. In terms of security and privacy, the Australia-based company ranks no less than purely VPN providers.


Getflix’s user interface is divided into two. The first section offers DNS services and is easy to use. The VPN client requires some time to install. But once on your PC or device, you can access any streaming networks at the stroke of your finger.

The company has a global network of servers, located in all major continents. You can select any of them manually or allow the provider to select one for you automatically. For torrenting purposes, Getflix advises you to use torrent-specific servers as they are dedicated for p2p file sharing.


Getflix is a fast VPN provider, much better than some pricier companies. The company’s average download speed is 20MBPs, enough for streaming, gaming or torrenting. Like many VPNs, Getflix is not fast everywhere. Away from Australia and New Zealand, the provider’s speeds are low but still decent enough to support video streaming.

The company’s low number of servers is responsible for the slow speeds in some countries. But like most providers, Getflix is constantly expanding.

Ease of use

With Getflix download services being secondary services, you might be intimidated on the provider’s interface. However, Getflix makes it clear that you are qualified to get protection with their VPN as long as you buy any of their DNS services. The company’s service page has a link to the Getflix VPN download client. It shouldn’t be challenging.

As specified on the service page, Getflix has different security protocols for various Operating statuses. If you choose OpenVPN, which is the most secure, you get the most protection. You can choose any other security.

Customer Support

Getflix has a live-chat feature operated by real human beings. You can select a specific department or opt to talk to the general support team. Unfortunately, you must also provide your valid email address or communicate using your Facebook name. While that may not be a problem for some, it’s an inconvenience to others.

Customer support is fast and efficient, nonetheless. You get an immediate response if you choose to communicate with the live chatbot. Alternative support methods like email and social media are also fast. In an industry where companies tend to have poor customer services, Getflix excels with its friendly and helpful team.

Getflix Prices and Packages

One of the best services offered by Getflix is its free trial period. No credit cards needed just 14 days of using the company’s DNS and VPN services. If you like their services, Getflix accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, and American Express forms of payment. You also get a 25% discount if you buy any two or more plans.

1 Month Plan

$ 4.95

If you choose to pay for services on a monthly basis, Getflix charges you $4.95. Both DNS and VPN services are included in the plan. Watch videos on Hulu, Amazon and other video channels. Download p2p files or do pretty anything else with no speed and bandwidth throttling.

3 Month Plan

$ 12.95

$12.95 is the monthly fee for some providers. With Getflix, the same amount gets you a 3-month plan. Add the 14-days Getflix trial session, and you have 104 days for just $12.95.

6 Months Plan

$ 22.95

The 6-months’ plan is great if you need a VPN for a few months. Students can use the providers’ services while on school sessions and opt-out during the holidays. You don’t need a credit card to try out Getflix’s services.

1 Year Plan

$ 39.90

With most VPNs, the annual plan offers the best deal. Getflix charges $39.90 for their yearly VPN and DNS plan. It saves you $10 compared to buying the monthly plan. You also get a Getflix free trial run for two weeks.

Getflix is an Australia-based DNS service provider that also offers optional VPN services to their customers. It’s one of the most affordable plans in spite of offering quality services all-round. For just $54.90, Getflix allows you to access their services for two years. You can use a maximum of 5 devices, as long as they use popular operating systems like iOS, Windows, and Android.

The provider’s main service is to help you stream videos and music from all major continents. But with the addition of a secure VPN, you can also surf securely without hackers and malware targeting you.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable prices with no bandwidth or speed throttling
  • Supports advanced encryption and tunneling protocols
  • Unblocks all major streaming sites


  • Can’t unblock Netflix in many areas
  • The speeds and protection is fairly average

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