ExpressVPN Torrenting Usage Guide

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By Mark Neri Last update on October 28, 2018
ExpressVPN Torrenting Usage Guide

ExpressVPN for Torrenting – is it safe?

Torrenting was once one of the most popular techniques used to download contents from the internet. However, a few years down the line, major crackdowns have been conducted on the use of torrents from both the copyright holders and the ISPs. The use of torrents is not illegal except for the fact that they infringe Copyright Laws. However, torrents can still be used successfully but only through the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The VPN encrypts the data sent from one network to another by creating online anonymity. One of the most popular VPN that is used is the ExpressVPN. While using torrenting ExpressVPN, it will be impossible even for the ISP to track your internet activities including the time when you have been using the torrents.

Should you use VPN for Torrenting?

The main agenda behind the creation of ExpressVPN was to keep users safe from hackers, the government, and the ISPs. This VPN has all the right tools for torrenting. Safety and privacy is the very first feature associated with torrenting ExpressVPN. They have their servers located outside the United States and the European Union Countries since they are the two biggest monitoring sharks. Because retention laws are not applicable to them, they have the rights to withhold any information even from government agencies. ExpressVPN has invested the most when it comes to speed. They keep upgrading their download speed, and as a result, they have become one of the fastest VPN. They have a download speed of up to 65.64 Mbps and an upload speed of at least 10.45 Mbps.

ExpressVPN torrent servers are located in 148 cities and add up to a total of 2500 servers. Note that they have been adding other new servers frequently. The high number of the servers make it possible for their users to find and connect to the nearest servers and enjoy fast speed. Torrenting with ExpressVPN is easy because of their user-friendly interface. Its interface can easily be navigated even by a beginner. Users can easily connect and disconnect directly from the main window. Moreover, ExpressVPN torrent has high device compatibility as compared to other providers. They are designed to be compatible with Windows, Android, Linux, Mac, and iOS.

Torrenting with ExpressVPN – does it keep logs?

The users of torrent ought to consider their needs regarding security as well as privacy. Some of the Virtual Private Network companies keep the records of the login activities of their users. The problem with keeping log records put individuals in danger in case they are suspected of illegal activities by the police or the government. Such an occurrence greatly compromises the kind of privacy that the VPN should be providing. However, the ExpressVPN does not keep the logs of its users whatsoever. Therefore, even in the situation where ExpressVPN is compelled to give its users information, they won’t be able since there is no information to be handed over. Consequently, a no-logging policy has been made an essential way to preserve privacy among the ExpressVPN torrenting users.

ExpressVPN torrenting important features

One of the reasons that make ExpressVPN stand out from the crowd is its features. ExpressVPN has features which are located in both general and advanced. Kill-switch is one of the tools considered to be extremely important in any VPN software. The purpose of the kill switch is to stop the internet connection in case something goes wrong with the VPN. It avoids a scenario where the VPN is not working, therefore, threatening to expose your IP address. This switch should always be enabled especially on occasions where the user is downloading files.

Another feature is the DNS leak prevention which prevents leaks which might compromise the anonymity of the user. The goal of the DNS is to block any DNS request from being made through the servers. Instead, the DNS is made to go through the servers of the ExpressVPN. Keeping the feature on prevents the IP address of the users from leaking.

Built-in speed test is another interesting tool often located on the main menu of the ExpressVPN server. This gives the user an overview of the speed provided by the servers. Users can then select the amount of speed that they want to use while downloading or uploading files.

ExpressVPN Torrent Servers

It is worth noting that some VPN’s are accepted by very few servers based on their ability to provide anonymity without leaking any information. ExpressVPN is one of the few VPN’s that offer an excellent experience to the user through outstanding performance and a leak-proof feature. ExpressVPN currently holds the top position as the number one VPN for torrenting. This is because they have servers that are dedicated specifically for security, speed and full IPv6 and IPv4 support. The ExpressVPN servers.

The downloading and the uploading speed of the ExpressVPN is dependent upon the proximity of the servers. The closer the server, the faster the downloading/uploading speed. However, a test was carried out to show the average speed of ExpressVPN torrent depending with server proximity. On average, ExpressVPN torrent downloads at a speed of 27.25Mbps and an average of 4.75Mbps while uploading. ExpressVPN speed is a clear demonstration that it is one of the most reliable torrenting VPN.

Torrenting with ExpressVPN – prices and plans

Like many other VPN’s, ExpressVPN has a 1 month, 6 months and 12 months plan. ExpressVPN has a policy that guarantees users their money back within 30days of use without asking any questions. The users are given 30 days of utilizing the ExpressVPN services from the day of purchase.

1 Month Plan

$ 12.95

6 Month Plan

$ 8.32

1 Year Plan

$ 9.99

Users are given this period to test the VPN software and make a decision of whether they are satisfied with the service, or need to seek other better alternatives.

So, should you use ExpressVPN for Torrenting?

With no doubt, Express VPN is the best torrenting VPN to use. Unlike some of the VPN’s available in the market, ExpressVPN has no logging, has robust encryption, coupled up with great speed. These are some of the main features that qualify a VPN as either good or bad. Apart from these, ExpressVPN has a considerable number of servers in different locations, therefore, guaranteeing its users with security. In encapsulation, the ExpressVPN is with no doubt the best choice for users who want to torrent with peace of mind.

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