Disconnect VPN Review 2018

Discover what Disconnect VPN entails

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By Mark Neri Last update on October 31, 2018
Disconnect VPN Review 2018

Disconnect VPN Review

Disconnect is a US-based company that was started in 2011 to help people enjoy the internet without the fear of malicious online trackers. Disconnect company offers safe search browser extension and ad- and tracker-blocking browser extension. It also offers a capable VPN. Nonetheless, since it is a US-based company, VPN services are governed by retention laws and mass surveillance laws wrapped in gag orders and warrants.

It is not clear how many server regions that Disconnect VPN serves. The known server regions are the US, Japan, the UK and Europe (Ireland). Disconnect VPN is a suitable option for beginners and not so tech-savvy persons because of its cross-platform support and simplicity of design and encryption.

Disconnect VPN Features

  • Specs

Disconnect currently has 3 servers location based in Japan, the US and, the UK. The UK broadband connection is 20Mb/s down/ 1Mb/s up, Europe broadband connection is 15.1Mb/s down/ 1Mb/s up and when there is no VPN the brand connection is 18.4Mb/s down/ 1Mb/s up. Disconnect works well in browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Samsung and Opera and devices such as Window, Android, iOS and Mac OSX while depending on the package and pricing plan.

  • Privacy and Encryption

Is Disconnect VPN safe? Disconnect VPN offers complete security to shield your browser history, online purchases, and private searches. To ensure security it uses OpenVPN, AES 256-bit encryption and IKEv2 (IPsec) protocols –OpenVPN for Android, Mac and Windows devices and IkEv2 for iOS. That’s the current golden standard of VPN security. Since there is no indication of a kill switch, the protocol selection is limited. Disconnect falls under the US jurisdiction and if you are concerned with mass surveillance, data retention laws and data privacy you might consider other VPN services outside the US jurisdiction.

  • Ease of use

Its user interface enables beginners to interact with its features with ease. It is easy to set up, customize settings, configuration, and maintenance.

  • Interface

Disconnect VPN has inviting colors of green and black that attract the user to use it. Its simple design allows users or beginners to interact with it with ease. Disconnect VPN app information is fairly distributed. The settings icon is located at the top left corner of the screen through the cog icon while the on/off switch is located at the right top corner. The on/off switch helps you to know if the VPN is active or not. At the center of the app, there are features that show your current location and blocked online trackers when online.

  • Performance

The speed of VPN is affected by the location of the user and the location of the server. The nearest server to your location will give better results than when the server is not located nearer you. To get better results, scrap-off malware and malicious trackers that slows your system. Unfortunately, you can experience 3-4 disconnects throughout your browsing sessions. The good thing is you will not receive any leaks from WebRTC, DNS and IPv6. Disconnect uses 40 percent less bandwidth so as to have a speed of up to 44 percent.

  • Customer Support

If you have inquiries, you can check their website in the FAQ section where common problems are addressed. However, if you have a specific question, the Disconnect Customer Support can be reached via email. Unfortunately, they do not have any form of a direct means communication such as phone number(s) and live chat.

Disconnect VPN prices and packages

Different VPN service providers have different payment options regarding their packages. Disconnect VPN prices are favorable and offer value for money. You can either pay $5 a month or $50 annually. Disconnect accepts credit cards only as a method of payment through stripe and PayPal. Disconnect will only ask for your email and username in order to log in into their system and for communication purposes. The bad news is they have no free trials or money refund guarantee.

Basic Plan

$ 0

This is the Disconnect VPN free plan where users get a free browser extension that blocks malicious trackers and aids in executing searches anonymously but do not get the VPN features. This is the perfect package for beginners since they are not overly tech savvy and have an irregular payment pattern. The basic plan is available for Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Samsung and Opera browser.

Pro Plan

$ 24.99

It has a browser extension that blocks malicious trackers from observing your online movement on Wi-Fi networks and devices such as Samsung, iOS and Mac OSX. It also speeds up page loads. In addition, it supports 32-bit and 64-bit devices.

Premium Plan

$ 35.99

The difference between Premium and the rest is that it is the only plan that offers VPN services. The premium plan encrypts your connection, provides online security and works on Window, Android, iOS and Mac OSX devices. However, this is the best deal that one can get because of its VPN features.

Disconnect VPN service is easy to use and reliable. It protects you from online malicious attackers; with the aim of monitoring your browsing movements and offers safe search browser extension and also ad and tracker-blocking browser. The speed will depend on your location from the server. That is, the nearer you are, the better the services it offers. Disconnect will provide everything you need but be careful in choosing your pricing and package plan. Choose the best package for experience and money value.

Pros and Cons

In conclusion to this Disconnect VPN review, below is a quick overview of the greater aspect of Disconnect services and the lesser aspect of VPN services that needs some improvement.


  • Using for both beginners and occasional VPN users is easy.
  • Solid encryption
  • It offers safe search browser extension and ad- and tracker-blocking browser extension
  • It offers Up to 3 simultaneous connections.


  • It has only three server locations—the US, Japan, and the UK.
  • Not good for P2P file sharing because of the US jurisdiction.
  • The only direct communication they have is through emails.
  • There is no indication of a kill switch.

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